The importance of acceptance by living in the NOW of non-denial

Let me start this chapter of ‘Accepting the NOW’ with valuable lessons learnt with the experience we had when my dad was diagnosed in 2004 with pancreatic cancer.

The beauty with these vital life lessons is that we can assist many struggling along the way, lost in a vastness of controversy emotions and energies. Everything described right here can be related to many of you out there. All the time I uncover new revelations, my desire is to share the experiences with everybody in support. This is naturally ingrained within our DNA. May every word written reignite that what you already know, deep down inside your hearts and may it also be a reflection of something you have come across, making it easier to deal with it. Know that you are not alone in what you are going through, we are here to support one another.

One very important aspect I learnt throughout life and especially during the time of my father’s illness was to accept a current situation, regardless of its difficulty to do so. Had I remained passive and inactive in certain situations, all the way back to early childhood, my mother would not be alive anymore and I would have remained stuck in old toxic environments, riddled with deep unhappiness. But this is not who we are! This is not to say that there weren’t moments of denial later on in life; yet when we believe in growth and expansion, these moments will soon disappear and realign the self with the divine truth of evolution. Our job is to master the fear of moving out of a comfort zone prison into the trust of our own global universal selves.

My dad demonstrated his ability to immediately and completely accept reality as it was during tough times, acting like a pillar of strength. Because of his upbringing he would not allow himself to take responsibility for some of his actions and in that became non-accepting and irresponsible. When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his usual gift of immediate acceptance presented itself like never before, once he got over his initial shock when doctors first told him that his blood sugar was through the roof (over 300) and then stated the obvious: this yellow colour his body was covered in was jaundice.

There was huge concern about what else they would find in the coming week. It didn’t take him long to get over that shock and the next day he had already gone into his usual energy of acceptance as to how the present reality was unfolding in a state of complete uncertainty. Only now, faced with such an unexpected challenge, it suddenly dawned on him that maybe some of his actions and behaviours were backfiring?! A time of reflection began; was his belief in aggression, born from a belief to never embrace too much joy in life now having an impact on his body?

Everybody took it differently; the combination of the variety of our energies participating in this experience somehow really helped. It felt like a support network created itself, naturally. One thing was for sure, right from the start; we were all in this together. We shared the same intent; in assisting my dad as best as we could, we each played our part in this situation, with me taking on the role in finding the right treatment. Each one delivered their essential part of their expertise.

In the first 3 days before we knew the diagnose was cancer, it felt like somebody had literally taken the floor from underneath my feet. Deep down I was very concerned, my instinct knew that this was something very serious; in the week before I had a feeling of dread in my tummy and could not figure out what it was. My head was trying to convince me that it hopefully was nothing major to worry about and soon we would be told that this was something harmless. Well, it wasn’t!

What gave me the strength to go into this scary challenge was to travel to Germany and do all I could to support my parents in this dire situation. Action would take away this mountain of helplessness, which had suddenly appeared in front of us. It gave us access and healthy means to cope, as well as the purpose to assist. A transformation from dis-empowerment to empowerment was herewith given. There was no time for playing the victim. In fact, nobody in our family or anybody who supported us went into a victimhood state of mind, we had to focus. Today I know that by recognising and accepting the facts exactly as they were, taking action to support my dad as best as possible, whilst looking for a suitable treatment, showing appreciation to all consultants and medical staff involved – no matter whether they were stubborn conventional or holistically more open minded – cooperating with family and friends, was that which brought about the astounding healing results we were presented with 9 months later.

My brother Markus was helping enormously in opening up my mind so I could finally grasp the fact that our unresolved negative or traumatic experiences can cause illness, in this case cancer, even if the experience was a long time ago. He knew what he was talking about, having aided his wife to overcome a deadly form of Leukemia in 1991. My acceptance of understanding the connection between body and mind began to sink in. Nutrition and exercise, trying to have a fun life, without addressing issues and clear them, were not sufficient to maintain a healthy body. Past undigested issues and constant stress are the main factors for an illness. We are alkaline beings; therefore too much acidic foods or drinks, too much focus on a material life style cause illness by harming our cells, living in a stressful disharmonious environment and running our lives on toxic emotions will destroy our cell structure. Our cells can only thrive in a healthy environment, filled with positive emotions (e-motions, energy in motion), consisting of love and harmony.

(Water molecules by Dr. Masaru Emoto)

Before my dad’s illness I believed that a painful situation was already dealt with once it was suppressed. There is much more to that, I began to see the reality of further, much deeper possibilities into the root cause of a physical or emotional issue. We must recognise the signs our body is giving us when it comes to our wellbeing and accept the truth in its communication with us. Continuing on the track of denial and ignorance of the connection between old suppressed trauma, a constant stressful life, resulting in an emotional, mental or physical illness, will lead to a deterioration of the situation.

In the weeks to come – as my dad was undergoing all required examinations – I was reading everything I could about pancreatic cancer, what antrophosophical hospitals had to offer, emailing their doctors, going through a variety of treatment options, printing out case studies from holistic doctors, describing successful cancer recoveries… My dad – to our astonishment – was reading everything whilst in hospital. I wanted to know exactly what we were dealing with, what to expect in the worst case scenario, listen to various opinions, whilst being discerning at the same time, allowing my dad to make his own choices. In all of that I knew instinctively one thing right from the start; we had to use a homeopathic treatment; it was the only powerful holistic treatment I knew at the time, which treats the person in its individuality with its specific issues. No matter how much I tried to sometimes brush that possibility aside, it kept reappearing in my consciousness. All the time we were weighing out options; we had to accept the entire situation presented to us and within that every single moment that brought along different doctors with different ideas of what they thought was the right treatment.

One well known professor for pancreatic cancer for instance suggested a 4 week intense radio- and chemotherapy, after an unsuccessful Whipple op, to reduce the tumour and then operate again. Had we blindly followed that advice, my dad would not be alive today, as was later confirmed by another 3 x top consultant, also trained in Homeopathy. It would have weakened my dad’s immune system considerably, with a high risk the cancer returning with a vengeance.

Everybody has to feel what is right for them and then decide for themselves what treatments they wish to opt for. Family and friends must accept the choices made and support as best as they can. It is a scary time for everybody.

In May 2005 a TV crew came to interview my dad for a scientific documentary on Homeopathy, his astounding recovery was accepted by many but equally dismissed by skeptics, those who reject availability of effective alternative medicine or healing methods, regardless of the amount of evidence presented to them. By doing so they act in dis-service to people’s free will of having the choice to be widely informed. We can not be dictated by those remaining close minded, expecting us to be the same. Pancreatic cancer has a less than 3% survival chance, yet my dad recovered.

The evolution of the human race would be much more advanced if the minds were not kept in a low state of consciousness to be controlled by those who refuse to accept reality as it is and – worse even – declare it as a lie to divert people off their path! How does that give us a choice of healthy possibilities to connect with the Source of all creativity to improve a dire situation? The answer is; think for yourself, observe with a critical but yet open mind. Yes, we do have to be vigilant of charlatans equally; the top consultant of the oncology department advised us to explore alternative options but sense for authenticity within a therapist and what is offered. Even here we must remain awake and aware and use our logical thinking mind, cooperating with our intuition.

Controlling forces have throughout the history of the human race attempted to block important information, valuable for the human race to explore more precious effective solutions for a better, abundant world, important for our evolution to keep improving living standards. Blocking evolution in such ways is in actual fact a crime towards humanity, something that will one day return itself to the individual (s) in form of karmic lessons.

What I am trying to say with this story of acceptance and non-denial is that we can not expect to come out of a ‘haunting’ or ‘dreadful’ situation, inevitably leading to a negative outcome, if we choose to close our eyes and remain passive to the sheer facts staring us in the face. If we do, then we make ourselves weak by living in an illusion of what is not. Living in that illusion makes us vulnerable and powerless, allowing controlling dark forces, be it our own ego or that of people only interested in their own gain and power, to use us for their mind games, draining our energies for a future that is none.

Keep the thought alive of wishing to be truthful, this will always guide you out of moments of self-denial. This is what true care means, especially when we see acceptance with clarity, explore healthy options, take action for the highest good of all to come out of a vicious circle. Dare to admit to your own self-limiting belief issues or a need for unnecessary agrandissement, unhelpful to anybody.

If we connect with all the courage we can possibly master and clear all the fear that leads us to blindness of the present now in a misleading belief that everything is not as it is, we grow! Denial is a dangerous endeavour, it actually leads to more fear, a deterioration of the situation and in the end capitulation.

The Universe can only assist and connect with us when we become very honest with ourselves and wish to see the facts with honesty and clarity. When we say; what have I done to get myself into this mess and what can I contribute to pull myself out of it to bring healing into this very situation, we will open those famous doors of all possibilities, allowing the most powerful healing forces to enter through our consciousness, lifting us out into the reality of ourselves. What we can say and do for our individual private improvement, we can also do for a global crisis.

Just like in my dad’s situation; we are all in this together, we must remain discerning and focus on the truth of reality unfolding itself in front of us to bring about healing into the present! We are the root cause with our thoughtless actions, we can be the solution too. Turning a blind eye will make us and the world vulnerable and add to the destructive powers of those only working for their own gain, careless to our wonderful world. Imagine if we had always acted from integrity, appreciation, acceptance and non-denial, from the power of love and the greatest care for our world, we would not be finding ourselves in a climate crisis or any political conflicts or wars.

We would in fact be having the time of our lives.

So far we have been kept in a state of mind control, numbness and separation. Divided we are weak, it is easier to mislead us that way. Now we find ourselves left with a flicker of hope, lets get together as one and stand up for justice, truth and liberation, coming from pure unconditional love.

When we take action we are empowered! This will diminish the ones walking and working from their own dark shadows, using us as their puppets.

Even when you are terrified by having to face reality as it is; go through that fear. Find what works best for you to liberate yourself. Then, with diplomacy, integrity and perseverance you will find your path. Do whatever you can to bring stability back to this world, which is now reflecting and showing the signs of centuries of unstable behaviour on a huge visible scale. Support those who are already sacrificing themselves to purposefully contribute their energies and expertise to invest into a better world.

We do not know what the outcome will be but if we never try we will never know!

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