How to protect yourself from negative energies and influences

Not too much focus should be given to negative forces outside ourselves, other than knowing that they exist too and that there is a lot we can do to do something about them. It is safer to be aware of these kinds of influential negative energies than living in denial of them, to provide necessary precaution for self-protection. The reason they are around is related to the feeding ground of the energy field present in our world, still containing more darkness than light

One could compare it to road safety rules; we know that cars will kill us if we cross the road without looking, yet we do not constantly think about how a car can injure us once we know how to protect ourselves from that danger. When it comes to negative energies, we all have the choice of our free will and divine power of our spirit to eliminate all darkness in our world, including our own. An over focus on negativity consumes valuable energies, be it by reason of evil fascination, fear, a constant need to prove knowledge of hidden insider info or a thirst for a false sense of power. Instead, these valuable energy resources of ours can be used to radiate positive vibes into the field of consciousness by emphasizing on creating a shift in consciousness. In addition, if there is an overload of concentration on the bad and negative, we attract even more of the same by giving it energy. Alternatively, if 80 % of potential energies were invested wisely on how to transform an overload of toxicity into positivity, darkness would cease to exist.

There are many negative influences trying hard to build a world of disharmony by subliminally planting anti-humanitarian beliefs into people’s consciousness in every area of life or by adding more negativity to the current unhealthy climate. In order to keep everybody as low as possible, artificial problems need to be fabricated and projected into the global consciousness by causing hardship, such as manufacturing financial crisis, famine, illnesses, blaming nations, races, or nationalities for the country’s misfortune, leading to profitable wars, feeding into the financial wealth of the already mega rich, the very instigators of the artificial crises. Media broadcasts in every area of life can be a make-up of a mix of misinformation and blatant lies. These cause the minds of many to be overly occupied with negative thought patterns, which then impact the joys of daily lives. We have a right though to be truthfully informed to understand how to go about in changing certain situations for the better. It is therefore vital to question everything we hear and read and be discerning in distinguishing truthful facts from fake misleading information, which make no sense when really investigating further by using common sense and solid reliable sources. False information is fabricated and broadcasted to cause confusion, division and divert from the real issues so that the real destructive agenda can be played out behind the scenes, unnoticed.

The danger of remaining disconnected to our radiant spirit self by holding onto old painful issues, alcohol, or drug abuse of any kind, can be an attraction for mischievous spirits, who will find it easy to attach themselves to a person, often unable to detect such manipulative influences in its living space. Any recurring negative thoughts of self-doubt, judgement, self-criticism, or that of others, a hold on to anger, hate or envy, the need to upset or hurt somebody, constant exposure to abuse, demanding thoughts, beliefs of superiority or unworthiness, a major focus on material gain, are a sign that we need to take action to cleanse suppressed emotions, inner conflicts as well as recognise the risk of low frequency thought transmission; one to maintain our emotional, mental and physical health, two to stay wholesomely empowered and free from manipulation and control. This will inevitably also set us directly free from negative influences, whereby freedom from such low energies need to be reaffirmed and checked on a regular basis, even for the most advanced of spiritual people. The risks of becoming blasé about attracting mischievous forces for those convinced to be enlightened above all, impose as much of a danger as it does to those who consider themselves ‘lesser’ spiritually evolved. In fact, spiritual arrogance can be more damaging because here the person has opened to their higher dimensions and higher frequency spirit bodies. Coupled with arrogance or ignorance, which makes part of a lower frequency field, dark forces can slip through the spiritual ego net and manage to access the higher parts of a person’s auric field to cause deeper reaching damage.

These misguiding entities will go to wherever and whoever is allowing them to come close to. We must be truly clear in our minds that an over focus on expressions of a negative destructive nature, supporting leaders who speak from hate and division, calling on negative forces, will result in destruction, including that of the self. It does not give the power one is seeking because those working with low frequency spirits are only being used themselves for selfish agendas. Human elements, such as connection, support, care do not exist in these lower realms, where everybody is just carelessly using one another. This false sense of power inevitably completely weakens the mind and takes the person away from a far greater, meaningful, and purer one, which is that of the unbreakable power of love. A cover up of our shining light, based on a fear or mistrust in love attracts all sorts of low spirits. The moment we find the strength and bravery to thoroughly address unhealthy patterns, we naturally reconnect more and more with the purity of our radiant spirit. The difference between false power and divine self-empowerment is immense. It only takes one thought to break free and make that decision to address painful experiences to turn one’s life around. It is breathtakingly liberating to gradually eliminate repetitive frustrating life patterns. The belief in genuine love alone makes it harder for negative attachments to take place.

Light spirit is always delighted to watch us grow in consciousness and radiate our fair share of light into the world. This kind of dedication will always be hugely supported. Fully realigning with our soul and spirit can sometimes feel like hard work, remaining stuck in restrictions and fear is a lot harder. Self-empowerment requires honest introspection and the willingness to tackle one’s issues with dignity. God will not simply wipe them away without us making a conscious decision first, followed by our own efforts to act and do our bit in a dignified manor. How else would we learn and grow? To gain strength and fulfilment, willingness and determination is required on our path ahead.

The simple principle of God’s law is based on a great purpose and that is to give everybody the freedom to operate within his cosmic structure of equality. At any given moment we are given endless choices to create and recreate ourselves endlessly. Clearing conflicts, making peace, showing appreciation, opening to unconditional love, fine tunes us with the good energies we possess and in that we become that vibrant light again we come from and are born with. Our instincts will become so sensitive that toxic energies seem totally unattractive and unbearable since the soul’s natural protection mode successfully kicks in to communicate to us when harmful energies are trying to come near.

In my work with people, I have found that attachments to negative energies can also come from carrying obligational oaths from past lives, religious controlling belief systems, condemnation against God or the self, vows of an anti-loving nature, curses or bad wishes directed at the self. All you need to do is clear those by saying you wish to let go of them and replace them with positive love reinforcing affirmations. Your guides will assist you in cutting old negative cords of self-limiting and sabotaging belief systems on your journey to self-fulfillment. As debris of lifetimes of horded issues and toxicity dissolve, your chakra system will develop strong connections to universal information and wisdom downloads, which can be used daily to support yourself and others.

In many teachings during spirit channelings, we were made aware about the dangers of attracting mischievous spirits when in a carnal relationship of any sort. This concerns physical intimate relationships and/or distant cyber ones. Carnal energy represents a superficial sexual desire and draws from an exceptionally low frequency. It is therefore very damaging, causing contamination in a ripple effect onto all other chakras as well as energy bodies, leading to mental and emotional imbalances. The attachment takes place in the sacred chakra (our temple of creation) of a person as this is the most powerful one to withdraw energy from. In a state of higher love making the real sacred intimate love is of a very delicate and yet highly powered nature, producing much light and love. Therefore using each other for basic sexual needs reverses ecstatic healing sexual love into a toxic one.

Once you are firmly walking on your purposeful path again, it is advisable to ensure you continue to cleanse yourself emotionally. Ask for the highest protection and keep your senses open to discern between authentic connections and the ones who are trying to deflect you from your dedicated purpose by sabotaging your work in general, making your life difficult. It is not worth sacrificing your freedom; you are not unkind when giving yourself permission to walk away from hindrances. Just like we cannot force somebody to change for the better, nobody can force us to fall back into a ditch we have just come out from, to then end up being pushed back into it. We embrace commitment and support because we are here to support one another.

Distinguish constructive criticism and good advice from envious jealous remarks, designed to produce doubt and demotivation. Try not to be disheartened from hurtful remarks but instead develop a thick skin. Your purpose must never be dismantled.

In any case of dark spirit attacks, call on your guardian angel to remove the entity. Equally visualise and feel a huge bright shining light radiating outwards, blinding and removing the interference. This will free you and release you from being overpowered by unpleasant forces. Always ensure to be surrounded by a golden dome of light by doing regular visualisations.

Light is and always prevails over darkness and is therefore the stronger power. Nothing is more powerful than God’s unimaginable force of love. When we wish to connect with that light, know the difference between the energy of love light beings and that of unpleasant demanding manipulative influences.

A light being is never demanding but always lovingly supportive and trustworthy, only giving out information helpful to one’s spiritual growth. Sometimes the answers come at a later stage or not as expected. Be prepared to hear the truth from spirit, even if that does not fit in with your previous concept or belief. During our medium communication groups, I have seen a lot of gratitude as well as aggressive unjustified reactions, especially when messages brought from spirit did not correspond with what the individual expected to hear. Light spirits are unable to lie. Their intention is to always bring clarity into conflicting misinformation, to clear confusion, illusion and give us opportunities on our path of spiritual growth. The way of light spirit communication must never interfere with the choice of our free will, which means it is always based on our own decision-making mind. The energy felt from spirit is always gentle but powerful.

The energy of a dark entity can sometimes be difficult to detect, on other occasions it is clearly obvious. One way to ensure that whoever is trying to connect with you stems from Source is by stating to your Guardian Angel that you wish to only be connected to pure light beings and if it is not originating from Source, then you are not interested. Be noticeably clear about that statement, without any second thoughts of a desire of spiritual self-importance. Your Guardian Angel has no free will and therefore must follow yours, which means that anything of darkness will be removed once you express that wish. Equally your Guardian Angel must step aside if you choose to connect with a dark energy.

Always check for authenticity with your heart. One clear indication that a lower vibrational entity is trying to latch onto you is the absence of the feeling of love. Using the word ‘love’ alone is insufficient and does not mean it is vibrating in love energy. Another sign of manipulative interference is that when too much information is given to any of your questions or by constantly reassuring that you are the greatest; another sign of impurity as a high being would always point out the importance every human equally plays in its purposeful role. Placing demands, expectations or delivering certain future predictions do not come from Source beings, nor is the information given about somebody else’s personal or intimate life. In a nutshell, if you understand the protective, self-empowering love of God’s energy, then you can distinguish between spirit beings from that very same level of consciousness or the opposite.

Remind yourself that we are light and to that we can return if we so desire. Guaranteed that the rewards will be beyond our wildest dreams, as the return to wholeness is a reward within itself; after all we are connecting with the truth of our existence, which constantly brings about a deep sense of grand wellbeing for the greater good, suffused with an exhilarated feeling to be alive!

Each one of us has the power to create a shift in consciousness, creating an expansion on the healing platform for our planet. We are divinely powerful enough to create the exact harmonious world again to which we were initially sent to live and love together. We can be much brighter and do things so much better than what we were conditioned to believe.

Resolving issues lightens up our spark and in time will turn into a bright flame of a passion for life, forming a protective shield around us. We become our divine purpose again and nothing can stop us on this exciting endeavour. We align with the instincts of our common senses and good spirits, which in time we learn to trust more and more in their clear guiding vision of the truth of our existence. In that all darkness will be washed away by ocean waves of our joined love.