Examples of positive life changes after release of death vow

In 2009 I was working with a lady who had been through extreme life challenging situations. The last relationship had been very stressful, with a narcissistic partner who had not only betrayed her in many ways but also left her with huge debts. Her landlord took her to court over a refurbishment issue, despite the existence of a written agreement to reimburse her expenses. She was constantly faced with another major problem, working all hours under the sun to keep everything going. Regular Journey work kept her motivated, solving parts of her hardship, to then be faced with something else.

Of course this can happen for many reasons and when we really take responsibility and wish to address our issues, we begin to understand as to why things are happening, the connections between past and present, as well as karmic lessons.

One day my client found herself in the most dire situation one could possibly imagine. At the time she had been a single mum since her separation, with 2 young children, self-employed, working very hard, without receiving regular payments from her clients. This made it difficult for her to pay the rent in a new property for 4 months, on the verge of being evicted and becoming homeless. She rang me absolutely desperate. I asked whether she remembered having made a death wish at some point. In her state of worry her mind was blank, unable to retract a memory. I promised to help her and asked her to get in touch with me, should she have some kind of realisation. 2 days went by when she rang me saying: “Patrizia, I now know what has happened to me! About 3 years, before me and my partner split, I found myself in such  devastating circumstances, this is when I made a death wish!” She explained what happened, there and then we decided to take her through a vow change.

During a vow change, the person is taken back to a time and place where an unhealthy vow was made, in this case a death wish. On this occasion it was done from self-punishment and guilt. The person is then asked whether they are ready to clear the death vow. It is all based on free will. If the answer is yes, present guides and mentors remove the vow and give the person the choice to replace the old with an alternative healthy beneficial wish. A positive affirmation is now firmly installed within the consciousness of the person, restoring the old magnet of bad luck.

Once the client was able to forgive herself, she could physically feel the old death vow being removed. A few days later she reported a feeling of ‘liberating lightness’. 1 month later she told me she had reconnected with a beautiful soul mate, whom she later married. She also found her dream job with a secure income, able to pay back her debts; finally she was able to experience the joys of life. Of course, life will always throw one thing or another at us, with the absence of a death wish this can be mastered much more effortlessly. Today that very lady is healthily detached from the past haunting events, she can barely believe this used to be part of her.

Forgiveness is an important aspect when moving through our fascinating healing journey, creating a strong shift in consciousness. Our cells light up at last, love can finally heal old stubborn wounds.

Removal of death vows and other destructive statements

There are so many reasons to be grateful for having found the powerful healing tools of the Journey work, one of them was learning all about the existence of vows, what they are, when they were made, where they come from, their constructive or destructive power on our life, that of others and – in concentrated energy forms – all over the world.

We understand the importance of how our thoughts can effect our lives and the world outside. Everything inside our body is connected to anything else. None of our organs or body parts are separate from each other; they support one another and cooperate best when we find ourselves in good spirits, promoting harmony and health. Having attended a dissection course during our Bowen training at a Medical School in London, we were given a clear insight in how absolutely everything inside and outside our body is interconnected.

Energetically we – as in the human race – are all interconnected equally. How often has it happened that you were thinking a thought and found the person next to you was expressing that thought out loud. This is because our consciousness can pick up thought processes somebody close to us has as the auric fields are interlinked. Or how often has it happened that you were about to contact somebody and that very person is getting in touch with you the moment you think of them?

Every thought we have projects itself outwards and forms energy clouds that can either be constructive or of a destructive nature. We might look at the outside world and say: “that has nothing to do with me”, in reality it has. The effects of the intentional energy of our thoughts we send out will return, an action born from that thought will return too. The moment we clear an inner conflict and clear all toxic emotions, we are causing a healing ripple effect across the world, because of our interconnections.

Even before spiritual teachings became so popular, we often heard the phrase: ‘Be careful what you wish for’…

We have heard and read about energy blocks and barriers, born from society’s educational conditioned sabotaging limiting belief systems. We know they exist and that they can be stuck within our consciousness, we have learnt along the way that we are capable and able to detect and transform them into positive reassuring affirmations. Vows are the most powerful statements we can make, they act like a strong power line that directs and projects outwards and then reflects backwards the very thing we have stated. If done from pure intent, they can protect and guide us, to the point where we will always be taken back onto our purposeful path, moving us back into a positive frame of mind.

Examples of positive vows/beliefs are:

  • I will always remain connected to love,
  • Love and health are my number 1 priority
  • Life on earth is precious and I respect that, including my own
  • Somehow I always find my way back to my true self
  • If somebody treats me with disrespect, I have to step away from that energy respectfully.
  • I won’t control anybody and equally I will not sacrifice my freedom
  • I deserve to be happy because I am

Keep ensuring that the intention around a positive vow remains as purified as possible, so that no underlying secondary gain thoughts of causing hurt, manipulation or dominance do not interfere with what you really mean to express.

Life condemning vows spoken or in thought form during tragic moments, traumas, abuse, grief, or disappointing times, can be fatal and effect our future lives drastically. Death vows represent the worst kind of vows for obvious reasons. They can sound something like this:  

  • My life is worthless, whats the point of me even being here
  • I wish I didn’t exist or I wish I wasn’t born
  • Everybody hates me, because I am a nobody, I wish I was dead
  • I hate my life and everybody in this world
  • If things don’t improve, I kill myself
  • Nobody cares if I died, I might as well be gone
  • I wish I didn’t have to feel this pain or any emotion, I’d rather be dead
  • Life is one big painful torture, what’s the point in living
  • …..

You get an idea of what is meant by these examples!

They implicate hopelessness and pointlessness towards life and the self, void of any meaning or purpose. It is the biggest form of self-punishment we could possibly build against ourselves, a huge block in shutting out love and appreciation, an eruption of negative beliefs that have convinced the mind that nobody cares so therefore what’s the point in caring too. Carrying a conscious or subconscious death vow – no matter as to why and when they were made – will lead onto a downward spiral, where things begin to go wrong. It means entering into a space of living a life filled with unnecessary risks. It can even get to the point where a death wish could lead to illness and eventually become reality.

This does not mean that every accident is related to a death wish. There can be other factors too and one must begin to explore what the root cause of incidents are. You might not even have a death vow but maybe there are other negative vows running your life right now. All of it can be cleared and replaced by stating to yourself, your Higher Self, your guides that you are ready to be released from these chains. Replace them with a variety of healthy life affirmative statements.

If a death wish is in place, then this could be connected to a lot of stressful situations, including weight issues or addictions. Without intentionally clearing self destructive vows, either by meditating, going onto a journey of self-discovery or simply by remembering whether we have one or not, we continue to carry a heavy load on our shoulders. Why would we choose to burden our lives when all we can simply do is choose the gift of free will to set ourselves free?! Negativity of any kind is definitely something our spirit truly does not wish for us to hold onto any longer. 

As mentioned above, what we express inwardly will reflect outwardly, death wishes will not only effect us, they will consequently impact our world. What impacts our world, will in return negatively effect us. We are all interconnected and can not expect that any actions we take remain ineffective.

Our world is currently run by mass destructive energies reflected back at us, unlike any other times ever experienced before in the history of this existence of the human race. As we were told by Archangel Gabriel: ‘It looks like your world is run on one big death wish, humanity is on a course of self-destruction’.

We can right now decide once again to clear the unwanted and transform the unchangeable past, it will lead to a shift in consciousness and from that more positive change can happen. The more of us who clear their ancient or recently made anti-life wishes, the more this worldwide cloud of mass destructive energy will be reduced. From there we can begin to move forward more effortlessly, clearing old outworn ego patterns, solely focused on self-gain and glorification. Appreciation of what we are given for free needs to be prioritised; a life worth living, filled with freedom, abundance, simplicity, joy, laughter, love and miracles.

Make sure when removing negative life threatening self-made vows, to include bad wishes or curses too, regardless whether they are coming from you or somebody else. Nothing must stand between you/us, and why we are here to accomplish our purpose of peace contribution. In this we must continue on our healing path and keep forgiving, so that our hearts can open to the spirit of true love again. 

Dictators, thriving on the energy of death wishes, spreading hate and division will disappear alongside their followers, who are fueled by a false sense of power. Mis-leaders are subject to negative entities, using their super ego to cause disharmony and extreme destruction. Falling victim to such dire traps by obeying to their demands of looking down upon each other, thus spreading hate, will inevitably contaminate all natural resources and essentials we depend on, such as water, air and the ground we walk on. On top of that following anti-humanitarian propaganda will create big karma! 

Replace a death wish with the wish of loving life in all its natural glory, appreciate what you have, even if it is the tiniest flicker of something good in your life. Welcome yourself back onto an enlightened path, one that allows trees to grow, clear waters to flow, fresh air to fill your lungs. Step away from the manipulation of the justification of war, famine, discrimination and racism. Peace, compassion and care are the very essence of our pure original state of mind. Healthy mind, healthy body reawakens the divine spark of the highest consciousness. Turn your life around, create a vibrant prosperous life on earth, follow your soul’s purpose. You can do it!

… not to forget self-forgiveness

Self-forgiveness requires the greatest courage in the total process of forgiving, without it we can not complete the act of forgiveness and call ourselves free from the burdens of the past. In so many cases it is the hardest part to accomplish when looking back at the things we have done, those actions we rather wished we’d carried out a different way, knowing how much pain we have caused.

Although we know very well today that at the time we were in a different state of mind, younger, therefore possibly less thoughtful, the sheer fact that we were even capable of telling somebody something hurtful – or worse – those irreversible actions we took, led to so much unnecessary pain. Facts we find very hard to digest. Actions do speak louder than words, whether we use them to create beauty or in harmful ways.

First of all let me tell you that the ability to take such self-introspection in itself is a clear sign that we have come a long way, away from an old self, unable to see what it was doing at the time, or simply didn’t care. The interesting thing is that, when we look back at our younger selves, we can look at that part of ourselves as if looking at somebody else. Yes, it is a part of us from the past, echoing into the present, effecting the now. We are allowed to recycle and transform those events into something positive; holding onto guilt, based on stubbornness, be it from a need to self-punish or a resistance to ever change, will complicate your life unnecessarily. We need to remind ourselves that we are not that old self anymore, our consciousness is forever developing, an ongoing transformative process. Yet, we are holding and clinging onto the things we cannot change anymore, therefore blocking parts of our transformative genes, overpowered by an unwillingness to self forgive. A refusal to forgive that old part is like forbidding the self access to a close reunification with our souls and Higher Selves! Many amongst us have – through their valuable realisations of their self-reflections and insights – long decided to change their behaviour and gone out their way to take appropriate measurements to stop making the same ‘mistakes’ again. Yet, that guilt is still present from the past and unless that is cleared, our own part in being of divine service to others is simply hindered by an old misguided or misbehaved part of us.

Everything in our Universe, in all Universes, on our planet and every other planet, keeps evolving, we keep evolving. If we decide to stop evolution for ourselves by holding onto who we are not anymore, keeping that negative image with a growing self-hate alive – and non-self-forgiveness will do that – then we will begin to stagnate. Stagnation will lead to a whole host of self-sabotage and blocks, definitely taking us away from the beauty, the uniqueness, the brilliance of who we really are. Ego will begin to act as an artificial replacement, until we finally decide to take that step and cut an old outworn cord to our older inexperienced unconscious self.

We cannot be that person again as we were in the past of this present life or an entirely other existence, in the exact same way as we were then. In other life times we might have been of a different gender, nationality, society, with its own limiting belief systems. In this life we can find ourselves surrounded by new life conditions and circumstances, we have changed in many ways! Our look, our body has changed! All of our existences have given us a variety of different experiences. The consciousness of our soul remembers everything and is with us during every incarnation, manifested through its physicality. Yet our behaviour, attitudes, new connections have shaped us! We are an eternal life form, which has decided to experience itself in physical reality. In that our life experiences are vast, our body is the vessel that carries itself with its cells memories time and time again. What shapes us depends on so many factors, including our personality types, our upbringing, perceptions and belief systems, forming our behaviours to be of a certain way. Today we might think those behaviours in the past were unhealthy or unjust. What matters is our readiness to reconnect with the core of our inner truth, who we are and why we are here. Our thoughts, actions, deeds can assist us as the most precious lessons of human behaviour moving through life, transforming us into a wealth of divine universal consciousness or keep us stuck in a stagnant low vibrational guilt consciousness, life time after life time, wasting precious global time to finally evolve out of a vicious circle, effecting everybody else.

Remember this, when you find it hard to self-forgive; in truth you are made of the purest thought of love consciousness, equipped with your own unique genes. You are an image of God’s original self, as different from everybody else as snow flakes are from one another. Although none of us were sent to destroy, manipulate, control and overpower that which can never be overpowered, our minds can easily be altered away from our true beauty into something it was never meant to be and then act from that level of awareness, unlike that of the original compassionate human consciousness.

For whatever reason you became an artificial alteration of your divine self, use that as your doorway back into your power of loving yourself! You have that power with the support of your most reliable allies; your soul and – more importantly – your spirit. Open that door and transform all the illusionary uncomfortable aspects and occurrences into the best positive outcomes, reconnect with your Higher Self, celebrate it! Your growing awareness of yourself, your self forgiveness, is the gateway into understanding yourself and that of human race behaviour. It is giving you vital insights into the aspects of how the mind operates when shut down to its spiritual connection. In that judgement diminishes, providing a much clearer approach when interacting with others. One day you will meet people acting in the same way like you once did, giving you a clear insight into what you used to be like and how that must have come across for others. Those people will relate to you a lot more when they see where you have have been and how far you have come. Your wisdom will teach and inspire them to belief they can transform too because in reality there are no others, only the self.

Look at the impact converted drug dealers have or fraudsters, racists or fanatics when they had their moment of truth and talk from their experience and realisations to people on that same destructive life path, trying to give them an insight into their meaningless actions, opening their minds by demonstrating that there is a way out.

These lessons are guidelines from which we can firmly decide which path we wish to walk; that of mind controlled misleading darkness or that of eternal love light joy consciousness!

Remove all death wishes, self punishment vows, oaths of an obedient nature, self limiting belief systems, return to your truth and then align with the truth of God’s pure thought and belief in you. Find out for yourself how light it feels to be emerged in the wonders of self-forgiveness, become a beacon to everybody else in your inner and outer world of love surrender.

Your guides will assist and support you with everything you ask them to, help you cut unhealthy cords, remove negative embedded commands of every kind. One thing they will not do is do it all for you, without you really taking full responsibility and action. This would be disempowering for the growth of your soul & spirit. Once they see that you are willing to commit to fulfilling your purpose, dealing with issues, forgive and make vital positive changes, work on an overload of ego behaviours, support will be given within the confines of God’s will and purpose. Angels and guides have no free will and therefore act in accordance with God’s pure intent of his creation of the human race.

In other words; there has to be a structure in place from a place of justice, unconditional love for every single one of us, self responsibility and divine empowerment. To ensure the same rights for everybody at any time and to stop the chance to overpower and completely alter the core of divinity, certain laws had to be put in place providing a safe haven of equality, which is there to erase envy, jealousy, judgement. If certain people were treated by the divine in a privileged way, equality could not be sustained. Therefore all of God’s messengers have to act within the structure of this law in connection with us. We are all free to choose how to co- and re-create within the confines of this very purposeful woven network structure. The law of karma for instance ensures that actions taken are a constant reflection of consequences on the self, from which we eventually will have to learn to treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves.

It is always in the interest of the divine, its messengers and helpers, to make this world a better place and in that we must trust that we are supported every time we intent to make a positive change to connect to the light of source, our birth place.

The more we reconnect and merge with our Higher Self, the more peace and love we create on our planet. Nobody can do it for us, but with us. We can be our worst enemy or our most loyal trustworthy friend we have always been looking out for.

Resentment creates separation in every way, forgiveness is the key to Oneness, starting with yourself today. Let nobody persuade you to stop following that path of re-connection, not even your own ego self. Realise, forgive, let go, embrace, experience YOU in every facet of your brilliant existence.