Part of the Universe’s infinite organising power

My friend Uli was introduced to me in 2000 by some friends whose children went to the same nursery. We are both from Germany and sometimes found it hard to get used to the NHS system over here. Whenever there was a health issue we ended up consulting each other. Often I would mention Homeopathy because it had already worked on my daughter and son. Jokingly we said; “we have to become self sufficient and start to be our own healers”.
I would often tell Uli that she’d make an excellent homeopath.

Finally, 3 years later, Uli decided to start a course in Eastbourne to become one. As you might have read in my dad’s story, 2 weeks into my dad’s illness the College was teaching a ‘Homeopathic approach in cancer’. Uli informed us of this method, which later turned out to be the key to our success in healing the tumour.

Then in 2003 I was visiting my parents in Germany. One night a friend took me out to a local nightclub where I saw a young tall man looking distressed. “His girlfriend broke up with him” I thought “How could I possibly talk to him without giving the impression that I’m chatting him up”.

There was an internal battle going on between wishing to talk to him, give him some comfort, not wanting to force my support on him and thinking to just leave the whole thing because it was none of my business.

After a while this young man decided to go home and started to walk towards the exit. An inner voice was urging me to follow him and my mind kept saying ‘No’ to it all. “If its meant to be I will see him again” I thought, knowing that this would be very difficult, living in England. Yet, I felt as if something was pushing me to follow him and eventually I stood right behind him hearing myself say “where are you going?” “Home” he replied. “have to get up early for work. I also have to look after my dog. My girlfriend left me, so its me looking after him. My name is Jens by the way”. “Oh, what a shame” I carried on talking “I’m here from England with my husband and children and saw you out there. So sorry your girlfriend left you. I better let you get home then.” Jens was thrilled to hear we lived in England; it was his favourite country. We exchanged email addresses and over the coming weeks he was able to confide in me and somehow I managed to convince him not to shut himself off from other women because somewhere out there was the right one for him. Shortly afterwards he would meet Tanja, his wife, a nurse in the hospital where my dad was treated 2 years later.

Tanja was an incredible support together with Jens; she organised meetings with consultants and was constantly there to give me advise on any medical questions I had.

In 2004, the year my dad was diagnosed, I was again in Germany. This time I went out with another friend where I ended up talking to Conny. Conny had just come out of a very toxic relationship and was out for the first time after weeks of staying indoors. We talked as if we had known each other forever. When it was time to head home, I asked Conny for her number. Again I wondered whether I was being pushy or intrusive but an inner voice told me to stay in touch. After all, we got on so well.

Next time we met, Conny introduced me to her friend Sabine who told us all about her mother in law who was suffering from pancreatic cancer. Sabine’s brother in law was a medical doctor, also trained in complimentary medicine. She explained to us that her mother in law refused any treatment and it was her strong will alone that was keeping her alive way beyond her predicted life expectancy. Not even her son was allowed to apply any kind of treatment on her.

I listened with great interest, and it was 5 months later when I knew I had to get in touch with Sabine to ask for her brother in law’s phone number to discuss my dad’s case with him.

Finally I got hold of him. He recommended one of Germany’s top consultants who was also a trained Homeopath with his own little clinic in the south of Germany. This consultant was a very important figure in this whole experience; my dad respected him, and therefore followed his advice not to opt for a Chemotherapy treatment but rather to follow a holistic programme. He was also the one who pointed out that my dad’s lifestyle was what had made him sick and that changing it for a healthier one would increase his chances of recovery.

Another important incident worth mentioning is the story of my brother, Markus. His wife Margit was diagnosed with a deadly form of Leukemia in 1990, before they were married. She spent 1 year in hospital, during which she had to go through an endless list of Medical and Chemotherapy treatments, operations, until one day Markus said that he had enough of Margit being used as a guinea pig and signed a form for her to be released. He searched and found an anthroposophical clinic where Margit was treated using a holistic approach.

At the time he was trying to explain to me that there had to be an underlying emotional reason for the Leukemia to occur in the first place. I was very sceptical and thought it was all a lot of rubbish; taking Margit out of hospital was a death sentence. Today they are happily married with a healthy son.
Markus was the one who opened me up to a lot of mind/body/spirit knowledge, giving me precious advice, which finally convinced me that some form of toxic memory or trauma must have created this tumour within my dads body.


I wish to point out that everything in relation to my dads cancer is the experience that we went through. In his case there was no Chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. It does not mean that what we did is the way to recovery with whatever you are going through. Every case is different and it is up to the individual what kind of treatment they want to opt for. I can’t express enough how important it is to be well informed and to search for capacities in the medical field, trained in conventional and complimentary treatments or at least open to it. Decide to be guided with what feels right for you in your heart and if you are unsure and want to try out something like Chemotherapy then this is your choice. You also have the choice to change your treatment whenever you feel its the right thing to do, after consulting a qualified doctor.

In whatever you choose please know that it is always important to take the responsibility into your hands and find the root cause of your illness. Your body is crying out for you to address an issue and an illness is the perfect time for healing.

I wish you all the luck in the world on your path to a healthy body!