The effects of narcissistic leadership

Everybody who has had an experience with a narcissistic personality type has learnt how they operate and will over time come to further realisations in figuring out why they did what they did, the motivation behind their words and actions, basically what their tactics were. There are many expressions within narcissistic behaviours, depending on their environment, what other aspects they carry within their personality types of the Enneagram, what their own deep inner beliefs are regarding human life and their role they believe they play in that. As always, when connected firmly to the original love of one’s true spirit and purpose of the soul’s journey, everybody, even those who have shaped into a narcissistic ego type, could – by their very origin – become who they truly are; all human inspiring, youthful, enthusiastic, life loving beings.    


But, when governed by an unhealthy state of ego- self, they become literally the opposite of their original selves (as everybody else does in their ego state). The artificial replacement of their spirit, the Higher Self,  has over time manifested itself into a stubborn narcissistic model of self-importance, a form of self-centrism, convincing the mind that the earth only revolves around them. They firmly believe to be the universal center and everybody else is below that. Rather than honouring human life in a sense of Oneness, their focus is solely focused on their ego-self. In order to achieve constant attention and feel dictatorship-like empowerment, people are needed to deliver constant admiration and obedience for their self-obsession. To ensure that those people are always at hand, specific mind games need to be played to achieve that. The usual tactics of a narcissist is to wheel people in with false promises and compliments to gain trust, find out where weaknesses are stored to then use strategies to lash out and attack the person’s fragility, when the shocked individual least expects it. This then generates more doubt and insecurity. People strong enough to see through these tactics will – for reasons of self-preservation – step aside to be free from such kind of toxic manipulative life destructive control mechanisms. Others, trying to regain approval of what they thought was a trustworthy connection, are desperately altering their behaviours to win back the attention of the narcissist, who – by the way – will blame the ‘victim’ for their sudden ‘out-of-character’ reaction.

From all personality types, the narcissist bully type is the most difficult one to come to some kind of self-realisation in a willingness to change, as they have now become too self-obsessed. Letting go of this mania could risk their self-glorification and this would mean giving up their imaginary crown. Upon exploring the deeper psyche of a narcissist, one will find an underlying attraction to the dark side, giving them a false sense of power, justifying their reckless actions. 

The accumulation of narcissistic actions among our society expands into narci-ssist leadership. The destructive tactics of a Nazi or far right leaders can be followed throughout history, all we have to do is open our eyes to see clearly! Extreme right wing dominance can be found in any kind of religion, culture or nation. 

Applied in politics, one must first create a state of inequality by indoctrinating hate against a ‘lower race’, Simultaneously strategies are applied, ensuring that the gap between poor and rich becomes larger. The blame for a country’s misfortune will later be shifted onto a different or ‘the lower race’, as this is the dictator’s way to express dislike against the human race in general. After all, they are the rulers of a ‘superior race’ and nobody must interfere with that kind of artificial glory. Such loose foundations – built to gain most of the people’s trust – are made of a string of false promises and lies, as well as fabrications of false accusations and conspiracies with the goal of ‘total victory’ through total elimination of a race, countries or nationalities.

Statements are made claiming that certain cultures are to blame for the country’s economic downfall and high unemployment rates by claiming that these people are ‘stealing our jobs’. Such repetitive tactics have been applied over centuries to confuse and divide the masses, in order to dismantle a state of Oneness, which holds the highest level of love consciousness.

A cunning way to guarantee austerity and racism to the point where hate is all there is, needed for the authoritarian regime’s power games to start a war. This will fire up those who – just like any far right politicians and dictators – generate enormous financial profit in their irresponsible reign by total abuse of power. After all they are not to blame for the poor state of their country but anybody else who doesn’t follow the demands of a totalitarian state. Their super-ego has convinced them by now that they can get away with anything, enhanced by their connections to a very dark world. In addition such power-driven individuals are desperate to win approval and be recognised by their army of people, making them blindly follow a highly destructive role-model.

We must be very clear that justifications to start wars are not what the masses are made to believe. It is never done to protect from the enemy or take out ‘the rotten and worthless’ in an essential cleansing process, but to take over land and countries for one’s own desperate need to possess and control absolutely everything and everybody, The ruthless ruler sees himself as the world’s only overlord and to achieve that, radicalism is the only way to get what they want. Every single warlord in the history of this planet has either convinced its people that a war was necessary to stop neighbouring countries from attacking ‘his’ people or it was an insider job from the start. After thousands of years of human life, the same old repetitive tactics have been applied and it seems not enough of us have learnt this very essential lesson yet of such pointless actions.

In the end nobody wins because once the persecuted and non-followers of a false ideology rise in resistance, misleaders lose their dictatorial powers and begin to fight each other. Even their closest allies will be provoked to the point where nothing is left to fight anymore. Eventually these destructive behaviours will have to backfire.

You will find that toxic energies left behind in war zones can be felt for decades to follow. When visiting one of the concentration camps for instance, one can’t help but notice the total silence which surrounds the area. The energies executed from dark minds have left their imprints by those who have not acted in God’s wish to create a prosperous world, but used his name in vain to justify lawless destructions and killings. It can be felt in the air and has sunk deeply into the earth, to the point where not even birds go anywhere near that space.

Can you imagine living in a world like this, run by some ruthless individuals and all because of showing obedience to somebody, determined to dominate humans and all life on earth by killing anything that is in the way of their requests and demands!?

Once again we must remember that every single one of us has the power to eliminate evil energies by connecting with our own divine self-empowering spirit, which is and forever will be eternal unconditional love. A high intelligence has put certain laws down to ensure that the good love we all carry from that can never be overpowered. It is down to us which power we believe and trust in; the power of total control or the blissful power of love.


How to protect yourself from negative influences

Not too much focus should be given to negative forces and energies outside ourselves, other than knowing that they exist too and that we can do something about them. The reason they are around is due to the feeding ground available in our world, still containing more darkness than light. It is better to be aware of them than not, in a way to learn self-awareness and protection. One could compare it to road safety rules, we know that cars will kill us if we cross the road without looking, yet we don’t constantly think about how a car can injure us, once we know how to protect ourselves from that danger. When it comes to negative energies, we all have the choice of our free will and power of our spirit to eliminate all darkness in our world, including our own, without investing time and energy into fear or the fascination of mischievous spirits.

There are many negative influences trying to create a world of disharmony by subliminally trying to plant anti-humanitarian beliefs into our consciousness or keeping the ones we already have alive, be it by causing artificial problems, such as financial hardship, blaming nations, races or nationalities for the country’s own misfortune, misinformation and blatant lies.

The danger of remaining disconnected to our radiant spirit self by holding onto old issues, can be an attraction for such spirits to attach themselves to the person, often unable to detect such manipulative influences in its living space. Any reoccurring negative thoughts of self-doubt, judgement or criticising others out of constant anger, hate or envy, a need to upset or hurt somebody, constant exposure to abuse, demanding thoughts or a belief of superiority or unworthiness, major focus on material gain, are a sign that we need to take action to cleanse our suppressed emotions and conflicts; one to stay healthy and two to be free from negative influences.

These misguiding entities will go to wherever and whoever is allowing them to come close to. We must be very clear in our minds that negativity and destruction will not give us the power we are seeking, it is in fact a false power, taking us away from our far greater pure one. Only when we dare to reconnect with the purity of our immensely powerful spirit will we see the difference, it is only a thought away to do so. The moment we make that decision to return onto our path of reconnecting with the power of love, we will step by step be faced with everything we have accumulated, a perfect chance to deal with the undealt, transform and let go. A cover up of our shining light can attract mentioned entities, stemming from our own self-manipulating mind sets, operating from non-loving motives. The belief in love alone can make it harder for negative attachment to take place.

Once we make that decision, God, source, our guides, will be delighted to watch our spirit grow and be of great support and guidance, without interfering with our free will to support us on our self-empowering growth. It can sometimes feel like hard work, remaining stuck will be a lot harder though. God can not just wipe away all of our issues, without us undergoing our own efforts to do so, by showing willingness we gain great strength and fulfillment. We learn from the consequences of our actions, by making our own decisions we determine our path ahead.

The principle of God’s law is based on a great purpose and that is to give us all the freedom in the world to operate within that structure, the intent of which is always based on endless choices, who we wish to be and in that we can either recreate ourselves endlessly or do the opposite. Clearing conflicts, making peace, appreciation and opening up to unconditional love again, fine tunes us with the good energies we posses and in that moves us into vibrant light, pushing negativity of all sorts away. In fact, our instinct will become so sensitive that we find toxic energies unattractive and unbearable, because we can sense how it effects our now highly vibrational energy bodies.

In my work with people I have found that attachments to negative energies can also come from carrying obligational oaths from past lives, religious controlling belief systems, condemnation against God, anti-loving or negative vows. All you need to do is to clear those by saying you wish to let go of them and replace them with positive spirit reinforcing affirmations. Your guides will help you with this too by cutting old negative cords to self limiting and sabotaging belief systems on your journey to self-fulfillment. As the debris of life long horded untruths dissolve, your crown chakra develops a strong connection to universal information and wisdom downloads, you can use on a daily basis and to support others.

Once you are firmly walking your path again, it is advisable to ensure that you keep cleansing yourself emotionally, ask for the highest protection and keep your senses open to discern between authentic connections and the ones who are trying to divert you from your dedicated purpose by sabotaging your work and in general, making your life difficult. Free yourself from both, you are not unkind when allowing yourself to walk away from hindrance. Just like we cannot force somebody to change for the better, nobody can force us to fall back into the ditch we have just come out from, to then end up being pushed back into it. Everybody has free will and is welcome, once they have declared their commitment to support, we can support one another.

Distinguish constructive criticism and good advice from envious jealous remarks, designed to produce doubt and demotivation. Try not to be disheartened from hurtful remarks but instead develop a thick skin. Only you have your purpose and that must never be dismantled.

In case of dark spirit attacks, call on your guardian angel to remove the entity and whilst that is happening, visualise a huge bright shining light radiating outwards, blending the dark interference. This will free you and release you from being overpowered or taken over by unpleasant forces. Ensure on a daily basis to always visualise being surrounded within a golden dome of light.

Light is and will always be the stronger power, nothing is more powerful than God’s love, an unimaginable force. When we wish to connect with that light, know the difference between the energy of light beings and that of manipulative influences.

A light being is never demanding but always lovingly supportive, with only giving out information helpful on ones spiritual growth. Sometimes the answers come at a later stage or not as expected. The way of light spirit communication is never in interference with our free will, which means it is always based on our own decision making, always gentle, yet powerful.

The energy of a dark entity can sometimes be difficult to detect, on other occasions it is quite obvious. One way to ensure that what is trying to connect with you is coming from Source is by stating to your Guardian angel that you wish to only be connected to pure light beings. If it is not originating from Source, then you are not interested. Be very clear about that statement, without any second thoughts of a desire of spiritual self importance. Your guardian angel has no free will and therefore has to follow yours, which means that anything of darkness will be removed. Yet, it is important to still check with your heart. One clear indication that a lower spirit is trying to latch onto you is the absence of love, using the word alone does not mean it is vibrating from the energy of love. Further indications are when too much information is given to your questions or constant confirmation of you being the greatest, placing demands or too many future predictions, information about somebody else’s personal life or feelings of control.

Carnal sexual energy is a huge magnet for negative entities as the energy of love is missing during such intercourse. Our sacral chakra is the most powerful chakra of all, bearing the energy of co-creation. Once that part is contaminated with elements of basic sex, it can draw us towards more of that we actually wish to eliminate, leading to more casual sex, forming sexual addiction, accumulating more toxicity, effecting the mind, which has now formed blocks within our natural abundant selves. We can at any time break out of this vicious cycle by deciding to cleanse our precious sacral area and all other chakras, by aligning to pure love and making/creating love energy from that level of love consciousness. The intensity of this ecstatic experience will form such a ball of bright light that no lower frequency can remain attached and will therefore be blown away.

In a nutshell; if you understand the protective, self-empowering, loving energy of God’s wish for us, then you will also sense those high energy spirit beings, who are coming from that very same level of consciousness.

Always remember that we are light and to that we can return. Guaranteed that the rewards will be beyond our wildest dreams, as this is a reward within itself; after all we are connecting with a deep sense of wholesome meaningful well-being for the greater good, forever lasting, an exhilarated feeling to be alive!

Each one of us has the power to create a shift in consciousness, creating an expansion of the healing platform for our planet. We are divinely powerful enough to create the exact harmonious world again to which we were initially sent to live and love together. We can be much brighter and do things so much better than what we were conditioned to believe.

Resolving issues lightens up our spark and in time, turns into a bright flame of enlightenment, forming a protective shield around us. We become our divine purpose again and nothing can stop us on this exciting endeavor. We align with the instincts of our common sense, which in time teaches us to trust more and more in its clear guiding vision of the truth of our existence and in that all darkness will be washed away by waves from an ocean of our joined spirit love.