The danger of Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. Infinite Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“As long as the majority of the human race is focused on control, greed, material wealth, masking underlying fears – a sign of love disconnection – and as long as war consciousness dominates our natural state of seeking peace, humanity will continue to abuse power and can therefore not be completely trusted! This includes the handling of advanced technology, as the lack of respect and gratitude for human creation is still greater than the care in acting for the highest good of all. 

‘Playing God’ at all costs, driven by an out-of-control Super Ego needing to exploit and accumulate, is placing a huge risk on human existence. But how can global war consciousness be brought to a halt? By harmonising each and every inner conflict from within ourselves first and then acting peace and harmony outwards to create the desired cosmic shift in consciousness.”

At the time of writing this chapter, AI has only just begun to openly enter our lives! Yet, preparations and development of AI technology have been ongoing for many years. The plan behind this is not only based on aiding people to access information quicker; devices – such as Alexia, Google Nest and Amazon Echo – are already in many homes. There is another, more sinister reason behind this whole agenda; and that is to replace human consciousness with total mind control.

AI technology is more refined and used for specific tasks in factories and hospitals, where previously human skills were required. It is also used for calculating solutions in an incredibly short space of time. To a certain degree this is very practical because where a robot can assemble cars or carry out certain medical tasks alongside surgery procedures in a safe and secure way, a person can focus on different complex tasks. AI only becomes an issue when it is used to replace human consciousness of making decisions from a free-thinking mind, in an attempt to overpower and control life on our planet.

In decades of preparational work, the human race had to first of all be made familiar with the introduction of AI by changing and altering the global mindset, in ways to get people to become accustomed to mind control and artificiality. It had to be seen as something normal, and nature as something unimportant and unnecessary. Those who want to control absolutely everything and everybody know exactly through years of data research, via social media for instance, how to alter certain key aspects of the human consciousness by emphasizing personal weaknesses, using those to target and demolish true inner strength and divine self-empowerment. All done in order to divert the human race from raising in consciousness. Dark energies know very well about the importance of the power of pure love in every area of life and the transformational power we all carry in our DNA.

Keeping minds stuck in a material world, where money, looks, status, degrees, class systems and fame are all that matters will divert from our true essence and its original plan and purpose. Ego can take residence everywhere, where these superficial elements are given major priority, even in spiritual practices. The essence of the spirit has been heavily diluted and contaminated by temptations, in the spiritual and ‘non-spiritual’ fields (we are all spiritual beings) by excessively focusing on material artificial topics and an over-eagerness to reach quick spiritual enlightenment. Many try to bypass their challenges by ignoring or denying them. Yet, we cannot raise in frequency without thoroughly addressing our soul’s chosen tasks, which inevitably leads to love. Anything else is irrelevant to our soul and spirit.  Spirit is unconditional love; love is life, and the meaning of life is to create heaven on earth.

Look around and recognise the influence plastic surgery already has on the younger generation, who are made to believe that only by looking a certain way will they obtain the desired recognition and admiration to eliminate a lack of self-worth. Our youngsters are fed via different channels and influencers that the meaning of a successful life is based on materialism and artificiality. Yes, plastic surgery is needed in serious cases or severe deformation but not to create a trend of artificial look-a-likes whereby the uniqueness of every human is suffocated. Here a method has been developed to destroy the natural beauty of uniqueness and by focusing only on artificiality and superficial looks, our original DNA is hugely suppressed, as all focus goes to the outside, rather than within. Plastic motionless expressionless faces are a preparation to get us used to AI appearances, void of any soul consciousness.

In this current climate, we have been hugely confronted with corrupt politicians and specific cult-like organisations worldwide, strategically positioned in different parts of the world to produce a sense of normality towards hatred, violence and untruths by openly spreading lies, parallel to flooding the population with contradicting statements alongside constant production of confusing fake news. This has opened floodgates for trolls and wannabe ‘game rulers’ to spread all sorts of conflicting misinformation, causing more division and conflict, which in turn promotes even more violence. One major agenda behind dividing unified countries and preparing people to fight with each other in disagreements is to manufacture justifiable reasons to instigate wars. Robot soldiers are perfect for turning an already seemingly out-of-control situation into total uncontrollable destruction. We mustn’t be fooled about the excuses dictators will use to get away with invading countries to cause mass destruction.

These tactics only work if we allow them to do so.

There are female and male robots replacing human presence to the point where people have them as a friend, servant or intimate substitute companions living with them. The latter is a convenient way to avoid connecting with a real human in matters of love. This slims down the chances of getting hurt again because the presence of a robot guarantees complete control. No interaction or having to deal with a different way of thinking in exchanging a variety of thought processes is required. This kind of robot partner never disagrees and does as it is told. It is totally understandable when looking at a person’s individual life experience and how that has shaped and disillusioned somebody’s ability to wish to lovingly interact with human life. Know that negative influences do everything in their power to cause upset for hearts to close. People shut down to love and numbed out are a lot easier to control.  If we really wish to remain in charge and empowered, we need to take matters into our own hands and choose love above artificial replacements.

If a wizard could magically cast all your fears of love away, would you opt for that possibility or would you rather remain immune to an exchange in love matters and choose a robot before a human? There are many effective healing methods that make it possible to get over the numbness in masking pain; there is a way out of an accumulation of hurt. Dive deep into your heart to find that spark again. Connecting with it re-awakens the wisdom you hold in the centre of your spirit. The eternal presence of the power of love is the place we all come from and will one day return to. Why keep a loving heart stuck behind old walls of protection, at the expense of the one life we have right now? Faith is essential to take that necessary step in moving forward to combat difficulties in one’s soul-chosen lessons.

We set certain tasks and challenges before incarnation; we are equipped to achieve resolutions but can become disheartened when moving through life. Sometimes we need support, it requires us to be open to receiving it with a trustworthy person offering a guiding hand. We are the ones making that choice to transform disempowerment or the need to overpower into divine self-empowered again, we have the final say.

During human interaction we learn a great deal in handling and cooperating with each other. When we are challenged with different mindsets, we begin to explore a lot about ourselves too, we master tolerance and responsible decision-making. This opens our minds to new solutions and thought processes from each other. It brings colour into our lives and allows essential character-building to take place. Think of one loving person, animal or situation you had the joy to be connected to, a random act of human kindness you were allowed to witness; focus on that. Rebuild your trust, connect with like-minded people you can trust and who can trust you and expand into this energy. One does not need to have thousands of followers; what matters is the quality of connections.

True passion and desire cannot happen when interacting with a robot as a partner, incapable of living and expressing feelings. After all our bond is through love consciousness. Creating love together produces the most powerful far-reaching light, dissolving conflict all over.

When asking Spirit about the purpose behind the invention of AI, only a few reasons were communicated to us at the time, some of which I will mention here.

The plan, we were told, is to control humans and turn them into obedient servants, following every order without questioning. At present a lot of damage is done to our world, forests are being burnt down to extremes, the air and waters are being polluted, wildlife is destroyed, human rights are being heavily altered into that of injustice, inequality, suppression, division and discrimination by instigating one war after another. If we remain oblivious to the real agenda of warmongers, we will sleep walk straight into WW3. 

It is therefore of utmost importance to unite and stand up to what is undoubtedly anti-humanitarian in every way. What would be unacceptable for us, must therefore logically and naturally also be unacceptable to nations having to fight off invaders and warlords. 

Reports about AI are broadcasted and brought to people’s awareness to slowly turn artificial reality into the new norm of life, making it sound as if artificial ‘intelligence’ is a genius and good idea. All the trouble production in the world, convincing nationalities that countries need to be separated from a unified state, are preparation and distraction from the real damage going on all around, i.e. out of balance weather conditions and anti-humanitarian politics. In order to distract from AI, a separate shock therapy will be introduced. (There was no pandemic at the time of writing). We must see the real reasons behind all of what is happening. After all the plan is to have robots gradually replace conscious human life, designed to give out more fake information and news. We rely too much on information and data coming from a machine, which – after all – has been fed into their system by humans. How do we know that every bit of info that comes out of an AI system is always correct? Another cunning tactic is to brainwash people with conflicting fake news, only serving those who wish to control the world in an attempt to play God, a concoction to play the game of modern slavery. People who stop thinking for themselves are much easier to control; without their own opinion, they get caught up in a man-made society belief system, dictated by false prophets. We are only free when we are able to reconnect with the electromagnetic field of universal truthful love energy.

In addition, robots radiate toxic energy as they are remote-controlled devices powered by 5G radiation, made from materials toxic to the body.

The name says it all; AI is not related to natural life or universal intelligence! It is artificial, made from ego, in competition to a higher consciousness, therefore not produced from and with infinite intelligence. Our bodies, souls and spirits are created from the source of consciousness, its infinite intelligence is boundless, non-controllable and non-controlling. The make-up of the human body and mind is so complex, that there is no way that anybody, not even the total sum of all geniuses, could possibly copy and paste such a highly intelligent creation that holds a spirit/soul connection. The source of life cannot be duplicated by humans, especially not those taken over by their superego minds.

What can we do to keep the purity of the human race alive? First of all, know that the evolution of the human race is not solely based on its technology. We possess far greater capacities than any man-made technology could ever offer; it is just dormant, buried in the consciousness of our DNA. Many of these capacities can be re-evoked now. The magnitude of the real divine manifesting powers we once possessed in ancient times can only be brought back to life the moment humanity can be trusted again to operate from unity, togetherness, honesty, dignity, respect and gratitude for each other as well as God’s love and harmony.

There are thousands of activists, human rights groups and a vast sum of people standing up for justice, rebelling against the irresponsible reckless behaviours of power-stricken leaders and the well-known 1 % mega-rich, only acting for their own narcissistic interest of profit and fame. Never before have the consequences of such selfish actions been so visible to the entire world and what it is doing to our wildlife and our habitat. A poisoned earth will contaminate us, which is the whole point of the actions of destructive forces.

Yet, we must never give up hope and give in. Together we can truly master anything. All that needs to happen is for us to honestly look at our own actions and the effects they have, explore our minds, regularly remove any tucked-away issues and focus on what really matters in life. In that we raise in consciousness, something AI does not have and never will be able to do. Humanity cannot survive without its connection to the source of Universal consciousness and love. Life is not possible without God’s connection and involvement with us. Nothing can blossom or flourish without the energy of love. Life grows where love flows!

Therefore, dare to embrace all of you, let’s love all of what you were given for free. We must look with eyes wide open and truly appreciate everything we have been taking for granted for far too long.

We are nobody’s slaves! God has given us everything we need, every attribute we seek is already here. We are divinely self-sufficient and empowered. We are sparks of God’s consciousness and in that, we are self-responsible for our choices and decisions. Spirit will guide and support us, but they won’t do it for us.

Every dark cloud that we clear from within our hearts will lift another load of the heaviness that surrounds the planet at present.

If we woke up to who and how we really are, hesitation would dissolve and instead of remaining passive observers, the genuine activist within us would come to live. Procrastination needs to become a word of the past, numbness towards a build-up of an artificial control system would give way to the self-expression of our individual radiant personality types.

Remember that our spirit is always present, ready to be activated to naturally transform. Robots do not have a consciously operating DNA structure, connected and vibrating in love. This is something which can never be copied, replicated or cloned.

God in his infinite intelligence, to which we are all connected, if we choose to, has put certain measures in place to ensure that nothing could possibly ever take over his creation of life on earth. He has gifted us with his powerful energy of unconditional love. Purity does not relate to toxic leadership, nor does it support such arrogance.

In the words of spirit: “We hope that enough people wake up to what is going on in your world, to bring about a huge essential shift, turn darkness into light, filled with all of your and our love in conjunction with our support. Know it starts from within YOU. Combined in unity we are able to manifest infinite miracles of life.”

Fist channeled and written in January 2020

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