Finding out the root cause of my dad’s cancer!

After my dad’s recovery from pancreatic cancer I decided to practise and learn healing techniques myself. How wonderful would it be if I could directly work on people in their pursuit to heal their bodies.

The Journey process for me was an absolute revelation ( In other posts on this blog you can read more about the life changing experiences I had when working with people on a deep cellular level. The moment I found the Journey process I wanted to constantly practise and work on people to explore the root cause of an issue and assist them in releasing their stored pain. My dad was no exception and so, 6 weeks after attending my first Journey seminar, we went to Germany for Christmas and my dad agreed to undergo one of these processes.

At this point I would like to mention that my dad always thought he knew what had brought on the cancer. He remembered times of extreme stress;

1980 he had just finished extending our house with a huge mortgage when he was made redundant. From one day to another he was left without work, a huge debt and 3 teenage children. After a lot of persuasion from my side he decided to take the step and become self-employed. Within a short space of time he became a very successful inventor and businessman.

Then my dad began investing in shares, which is a kind of gamble. It keeps you in a state of constant alertness, especially with the amount of shares he decided to invest in. Needless to say that when the stock market crashed, his nervous system did the same.

Maybe the time when his mother needed 24/7 care took its toll on him too and was one of the reasons for the cancer. My dad – worried about spending money on a carer – had my mother do the work, which was an incredibly taxing job to do. My grandmother was a difficult woman and soon my dad’s patience began to wear thin, resulting in explosive reactions, again causing himself extreme stress.

From a therapeutic point of view, all of these stress factors were surely worsening his health, despite the fact that he always remained fit with a mostly healthy diet.

Yet, the root cause of his cancer started at a time in his life when he was 2 years old. During the process he saw how his pancreas was affected by a deep fear he experienced whilst watching his father beat his mother. This fear, at such a young age, was a shock to his system and remained stuck in his cell memory until it eventually turned into a malignant tumour at the age of 64.

All the other stressful moments in his life added to this unhealthy seed of fear, shock and trauma, which was planted in 1942. At the same time the beating of a woman by her husband to my dad became the truth as to how to treat women to keep them in their place. Everything we experience until the age of 6 is perceived as the truth because the logical brain has not been developed by then.

Once he released all the attached negative emotions and the effects of those memories by also forgiving the people involved, my dad literally saw his pancreas heal.

Laura Bond, who wrote an article about this very fascinating experience in her blog ‘Mum’s not having Chemo’, asked me during her interview whether I thought that by finding the root cause the cancer never had a chance to grow again. A question I had never asked myself. The answer is YES, most probably!


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  1. Your following your life’s purpose, given to you from God, unconditional love, faith in humanity, the universe & mother nature (every living being/animals, on our great big beautiful planet) what a wonderful gift you have patrizia ?xxx

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