Often in life we are faced with big challenges, some of them so big that we find it incredibly hard to deal with. Some of them were chosen before birth in accordance with our guides to give us great possibilities in growth for our evolvement; our Soul’s and Higher Self’s natural desire. Those challenges can be unfinished businesses from past lives and by bringing them up in this life we have a chance to deal with them thoroughly, let go of the negative and keep the valuable lessons.

The ultimate goal of the global divine consciousness is to come to a place of complete forgiveness, meaning forgiveness of the self and others. In all areas of our lives we always have a choice. We can come to earth with the most refined intentions but sometimes, when we get caught up in the earthly chaos, the ego’s weakness acts as a block filled with excuses as to why and how we are unable to overcome these challenges by breaking through illusionary created barriers.

Our soul is then tucked away like a child who is desperately trying to get a word into a hefty discussion between adults, unheard and ignored.

We have at all times the choice to listen to the tiniest whisper of our souls, our true spirit to keep the thought of self growth, based on inner joy, love and happiness, alive. That thought is like a flicker of light reminding us that improvement is available to us, the strength will come as we keep going.

Strength and forgiveness is fuelled by understanding circumstances and situations, the connections in our lives. By raising our awareness into the connections in our lives and their purposes, we then also start to reconnect with our true selves. The higher aspect of this is realigning us back into our spiritual connection, one which is so important to create a meaningful life at all, a re-activation of the God gene.

Some of those challenges could also be created by unfortunate circumstances of different energies acting from destructive behaviour to stop us from our evolvement. It is – at the time of it happening – not always clear as to where those challenges are originating from.

As we move out of an old lower consciousness onto the next level of it we will be able to tell the difference. Patience, determination and persistence is required, mixed with will power and strength. Yet, with the focus on improvement for the highest good of all and to the best of our abilities, everyone of us has the chance ‘to make it’. Look at yourself as you look at others.

At all times it is important that we ask for protection from those around us who are still stuck in negative energies and whose intent is not to support us but rather to pull us back down. There are also individuals who have no intent to take self responsibility and therefore attach and drain the ones willing to make life improvements in their attempt to create better conditions for themselves, their loved ones and ultimately for the world.

The Universe is always at hand to support and bring us what we need, its up to us whether we take it or leave it. Essential tools and pathways will be brought to us which can assist enormously in phases of challenges.

In this blog I will be writing about a few challenging situations brought into my life and that of other people, including the discoveries we made over the years. You will find out how those I write about managed to come out of a dire situation, how they used the lessons they learnt to move onto their next level of their evolvement.
As you all know we are all connected. Each time you solve an issue and create new strengths by replacing forgiveness with love, you are creating a healthy platform for others to follow by connectively healing them.

We might think that we can do it all alone, but the nature of our existence is that to collaborate as best as possible.

Of course there will be situations where we are on our own. They give us a different kind of strength based on the knowing that we can manage moments of crises, where we feel almost abandoned. Use it as a time of inner reflection.

More and more people will be attracted into our lives that will support and enhance us just as we can do the very same thing to them.

It is the beginning of a healthier world, a world where we create together instead of keep destroying the gifts we were given, all along.


Finding out the root cause of my dad’s cancer!

After my dad’s recovery from pancreatic cancer I decided to practise and learn healing techniques myself. How wonderful would it be if I could directly work on people in their pursuit to heal their bodies.

The Journey process for me was an absolute revelation ( In other posts on this blog you can read more about the life changing experiences I had when working with people on a deep cellular level. The moment I found the Journey process I wanted to constantly practise and work on people to explore the root cause of an issue and assist them in releasing their stored pain. My dad was no exception and so, 6 weeks after attending my first Journey seminar, we went to Germany for Christmas and my dad agreed to undergo one of these processes.

At this point I would like to mention that my dad always thought he knew what had brought on the cancer. He remembered times of extreme stress;

1980 he had just finished extending our house with a huge mortgage when he was made redundant. From one day to another he was left without work, a huge debt and 3 teenage children. After a lot of persuasion from my side he decided to take the step and become self-employed. Within a short space of time he became a very successful inventor and businessman.

Then my dad began investing in shares, which is a kind of gamble. It keeps you in a state of constant alertness, especially with the amount of shares he decided to invest in. Needless to say that when the stock market crashed, his nervous system did the same.

Maybe the time when his mother needed 24/7 care took its toll on him too and was one of the reasons for the cancer. My dad – worried about spending money on a carer – had my mother do the work, which was an incredibly taxing job to do. My grandmother was a difficult woman and soon my dad’s patience began to wear thin, resulting in explosive reactions, again causing himself extreme stress.

From a therapeutic point of view, all of these stress factors were surely worsening his health, despite the fact that he always remained fit with a mostly healthy diet.

Yet, the root cause of his cancer started at a time in his life when he was 2 years old. During the process he saw how his pancreas was affected by a deep fear he experienced whilst watching his father beat his mother. This fear, at such a young age, was a shock to his system and remained stuck in his cell memory until it eventually turned into a malignant tumour at the age of 64.

All the other stressful moments in his life added to this unhealthy seed of fear, shock and trauma, which was planted in 1942. At the same time the beating of a woman by her husband to my dad became the truth as to how to treat women to keep them in their place. Everything we experience until the age of 6 is perceived as the truth because the logical brain has not been developed by then.

Once he released all the attached negative emotions and the effects of those memories by also forgiving the people involved, my dad literally saw his pancreas heal.

Laura Bond, who wrote an article about this very fascinating experience in her blog ‘Mum’s not having Chemo’, asked me during her interview whether I thought that by finding the root cause the cancer never had a chance to grow again. A question I had never asked myself. The answer is YES, most probably!

My dad’s recovery from pancreatic cancer

In this post I give an in-detail account of my father’s full recovery from pancreatic cancer. I hope that by reading this, people having similar experiences will gain encouragement and awareness that there are alternatives, and that no matter how things may seem, there is hope.

It was on a Sunday night, the 5th September 2004 when my dad called to tell us that there was something wrong with him.

We were still recovering from my 40th birthday celebrations from the day before and although the party had been brilliant, with friends who had travelled especially from abroad, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy, as if something unpleasant was about to happen.

‘I’m in hospital’, my dad explained ‘my eyes are yellow and my blood sugar is extremely high. The doctors want to keep me in hospital to find out what’s wrong with me. I’ll keep you updated’.

In anxious anticipation we all awaited the results of the medical tests. Finally on Wednesday my dad called. “Patrizia,” he said. “I have some bad news; the doctors found a malignant tumour in my pancreas. There is nothing we can do about this other than accept it. Don’t worry about coming over, there is not much you can do for me here. It’s more important that the children go to school. Come over during half term’. As he spoke these words to me, I remember walking down Camden Road in Tunbridge Wells, sobbing, not caring about the people around me seeing me in such a state. It wasn’t just what he said, it was the way he said it; he tried to be positive, even laughed to keep me calm and confident.

Everybody who suddenly finds themselves in a situation like this with a loved one knows what a shock it is and the first thought that comes to mind is to help as much as possible, to be there and to carry out thorough research. It can only be described as a state of panic mixed with a desperate attempt to stay calm and act at the same time. It gives you a sense of power in a seemingly powerless situation.

Somehow my then-husband, William, and I had to work out how this could be done; our son Christopher had started secondary and our daughter Vanessa was still in primary school.

The plan was for us to drive back to Germany the following weekend (we had just spent our summer holiday there the week before) and for William to leave Vanessa and myself with my parents in Germany whilst he was to return home with Chris so he wouldn’t miss his first days at Secondary School.

August 2004 in Germany. Left to right: My dad, Martin and my then-husband William, August 2004
My dad with jaundice, my son Chris, Sept 2004, Saturday after our arrival

Everybody tried to come to terms with a new reality. How could this be, we asked ourselves. My dad was always so strong and in control. His lifestyle was healthier than that of many others; my mother’s food was always fresh and home cooked. He also did a lot of physical work such as playing tennis on a regular basis and looking after his garden. I had only one memory of him ever falling ill, with a slight fever. I must have been 12 years old.

Right from the start I felt that I would end up taking the situation mostly into my own hands, although it seemed totally insurmountable at the time.
Everybody around me was there to assist as best as they could in their own way; My brother Markus explained to me how suppressed emotions were the root cause of most illnesses, which at the time I found hard to believe. He began to look into the connections between emotional issues and disease long before, when his wife was diagnosed with a deadly form of Leukaemia in 1990. She is still alive today.

My youngest brother Matthias was helping out simply by supporting us.
All of my friends and my parents’ friends were there. Neighbours would come and give valuable information.

It felt like a network of connections where everybody’s support was immensely important.

Everybody involved, including the doctors, was playing their essential part and the best of their abilities had to be used to bring about the best outcome.

Then there were the endless phone calls from people trying to sell us their products or recommending some kind of treatment to us. In times like these you have to be very careful to distinguish between people who truly have your best interests at heart and those who are only interested in your money.

At the time the only alternative method of healing I knew was Homeopathy. Inside me was a deep, intuitive knowing that Homeopathy would be the right treatment to use. But how did I know this was really it, and what type of homeopathic remedy would it be? My mind was constantly doubting how I knew that this was the way to go whilst a deep inner knowing kept reassuring me. It was often hard to stand by it especially when critical doctors or some of my fathers friends would carefully try to tell me I was delusional.

During my dad’s 6 week stay at one of Germany’s top pancreatic cancer hospitals I did a vast amount of research into understanding the development of this cancer. Every doctor we spoke to warned us about what to expect once this type of illness had spread, (the chance of survival was 3%) and what could be done to extend his life.

One doctor advised that he undergo mild Chemo combined with an intravenous Vitamin C supplement. Another doctor suggested 4 weeks of intensive Chemo- and Radiotherapy followed by a Whipple operation. The antroposophical hospitals offered a treatment which combined Chemo, mistletoe, music and art therapy. When I asked one of the consultants at the antroposophical hospitals whether they had a treatment specifically designed for the individual and to tackle the root causes of the cancer, I was told that the mistletoe therapy would cover all of that. Whilst I didn’t doubt that the mistletoe therapy was a brilliant remedy for certain things, in this case it was too unspecific.

2 weeks into my dads hospital stay William rang me up from England to tell me about a call he had received from our friend Ulrike Holzer, who was studying at Eastbourne college to become a Homeopath. They were learning about the ‘Plussing Method’, which is a homeopathic approach to cancer treatment. The moment I heard about it, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

book Ramakrishnan
‘A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer’ by Dr. Ramakrishnan.

If I could advise the readers of this article, I would recommend investigating the multitude of available cancer treatments. Of course everybody is free to take the Chemotherapy route if they feel it is right for them. However, there are hundreds of alternatives which you may have never even heard of which might be perfectly suited to you. Or you might consider a combination of both; chemo and holistic treatment. Make sure you learn to tell apart those which are genuine and effective and those devised by people who prey on desperate patients. It was my dads consultant who also advised us to consider alternative healing methods. On the day my dad checked out of hospital, he told us: ‘Consider treatments other nations use. The Chinese, for instance, don’t use Chemotherapy. Watch out for charlatans though’.

Whatever you decide to do – and I can’t stress this enough – make sure you find out the root cause of the illness and make the appropriate lifestyle changes. A top consultant, fully trained in both medicine and Homoepathy, later said to my dad; ‘you have to change something about your lifestyle because it is exactly this which has made you ill in the first place’.

My father underwent a 6 hour Whipple operation, a very common procedure in cases of pancreatic cancer. It was a day of incredible tension, because we had no idea what the doctors would find, and we could only hope that the operation would turn out fine. Finally in the late afternoon I got hold of the surgeon and was told that the operation had been unsuccessful because the tumour had grown around the aorta, which made it too risky to operate. Later, when all the relevant tests had been carried out, the doctors told us that the the entire pancreas was inflamed around the tumour and that nothing more could be done.

By the time my dad was released from hospital I had found and got in touch with a top consultant, also an experienced Homeopath. He advised against Chemotherapy. “It does not cure the illness”, the consultant told my dad, “and it actually weakens your immune system”. He then referred him to a doctor (also trained in Homeopathy) closer to my dads home town who would start the treatment that eventually saved his life.

I have to mention at this point that this doctor did not immediately apply the Plussing method. It was only after I decided with all my courage to walk into his practise one day, carrying the book in my hand, holding it in front of him and asking: ‘Could you please apply this on my dad’? He simply said: ‘Of course I can, if he is happy to follow the programme!’

Vanessa was with me for the entire 2 months we stayed in Germany, showing endless patience for an 8 year old girl. Her presence gave me strength and hope. William and Chris came to visit once during half term. It was a time of incredible learning and inevitably the pathway to my own healing practice today.

Now it was time for my daughter and me to return to England and trust in the future. We had done all we could and now fate would take its course.

Whilst my dad was applying the Plussing Method daily, he wrote his will and finished all the building work he was having done on his house. It was the one thing he’d never got round to doing – a loft conversion. It was very unusual for everybody to see huge cranes appearing on my parents tiny road to start 3 months of building work, my dad constantly supervising and even helping out when he could, rather than feeling sorry for himself.

At the end of March 2005, 1 day before my dad was due to have another CT scan, a camera team filming a documentary about Homeopathy and its effects had arranged to use my dad as an important case study for their programme. They could not believe their eyes as the building works were still ongoing at the time of their arrival.

At the end of the day my dad asked the director: ‘what if tomorrow they find that the tumour has spread? You can’t possibly use me in your documentary to explain to people how healing Homeopathy is’. The director replied: ‘We will decide then what can be done’.

The next day, just before my dad went in for his CT scan a doctor asked him whether he was using Chemo and my dad said: ‘No, Homeopathy’. The doctor walked away saying; ‘this will never heal a tumour as severe as this’. During the CT scan no tumour was found. The team of doctors was so perplexed that they began to wonder whether their CT scanner had broken.

We couldn’t believe it. Weeks of anxiety and concern, hope, tears and tension. What about the time when we went to see my dad on the day after his operation? The surgeon took my brother Matthias to one side to tell him that my dad had a maximum of 1 year to live and we should enjoy every day.

Some people believed that it wasn’t a tumour after all, others were full of admiration for all the effort and work I had put into this. Ulrike said to me; “you were pulling all the strings in this incredibly stressful time, without putting any pressure on your dad or forcing him into using what you thought would help him. You gave him a choice and put him in touch with the right people.”

Oh yes, all of this is true, and still it has to be said that there is no way I could have done any of this without the support and input of the people who were with us.