Often in life we are faced with big challenges, some of them so big that we find it incredibly hard to deal with. Some of them were chosen before birth in accordance with our guides to give us great possibilities in growth for our evolvement; our Soul’s and Higher Self’s natural desire. Those challenges can be unfinished businesses from past lives and by bringing them up in this life we have a chance to deal with them thoroughly, let go of the negative and keep the valuable lessons.

The ultimate goal of the global divine consciousness is to come to a place of complete forgiveness, meaning forgiveness of the self and others. In all areas of our lives we always have a choice. We can come to earth with the most refined intentions but sometimes, when we get caught up in the earthly chaos, the ego’s weakness acts as a block filled with excuses as to why and how we are unable to overcome these challenges by breaking through illusionary created barriers.

Our soul is then tucked away like a child who is desperately trying to get a word into a hefty discussion between adults, unheard and ignored.

We have at all times the choice to listen to the tiniest whisper of our souls, our true spirit to keep the thought of self growth, based on inner joy, love and happiness, alive. That thought is like a flicker of light reminding us that improvement is available to us, the strength will come as we keep going.

Strength and forgiveness is fuelled by understanding circumstances and situations, the connections in our lives. By raising our awareness into the connections in our lives and their purposes, we then also start to reconnect with our true selves. The higher aspect of this is realigning us back into our spiritual connection, one which is so important to create a meaningful life at all, a re-activation of the God gene.

Some of those challenges could also be created by unfortunate circumstances of different energies acting from destructive behaviour to stop us from our evolvement. It is – at the time of it happening – not always clear as to where those challenges are originating from.

As we move out of an old lower consciousness onto the next level of it we will be able to tell the difference. Patience, determination and persistence is required, mixed with will power and strength. Yet, with the focus on improvement for the highest good of all and to the best of our abilities, everyone of us has the chance ‘to make it’. Look at yourself as you look at others.

At all times it is important that we ask for protection from those around us who are still stuck in negative energies and whose intent is not to support us but rather to pull us back down. There are also individuals who have no intent to take self responsibility and therefore attach and drain the ones willing to make life improvements in their attempt to create better conditions for themselves, their loved ones and ultimately for the world.

The Universe is always at hand to support and bring us what we need, its up to us whether we take it or leave it. Essential tools and pathways will be brought to us which can assist enormously in phases of challenges.

In this blog I will be writing about a few challenging situations brought into my life and that of other people, including the discoveries we made over the years. You will find out how those I write about managed to come out of a dire situation, how they used the lessons they learnt to move onto their next level of their evolvement.
As you all know we are all connected. Each time you solve an issue and create new strengths by replacing forgiveness with love, you are creating a healthy platform for others to follow by connectively healing them.

We might think that we can do it all alone, but the nature of our existence is that to collaborate as best as possible.

Of course there will be situations where we are on our own. They give us a different kind of strength based on the knowing that we can manage moments of crises, where we feel almost abandoned. Use it as a time of inner reflection.

More and more people will be attracted into our lives that will support and enhance us just as we can do the very same thing to them.

It is the beginning of a healthier world, a world where we create together instead of keep destroying the gifts we were given, all along.


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