I wish to point out that everything in relation to my dad’s cancer is based on our direct experience with the situation we were faced with.

No chemo or radiotherapy treatment was applied in his case. This does not mean that the way my dad’s illness was approached is the only way.¬† Every case is different and it is up to the individual what kind of treatment they wish to opt for. I can’t express enough how important it is to be well informed, make it part of your general knowledge to know what is out there when it comes to reach ultimate emotional health and optimum life vitality to keep your bodies healthy. Unfortunately the majority of people seem to know an awful lot about outside appearances and focus solely on a superficial body image.

Understanding the importance of harmonising the spirit/soul and body is still in its infant shoes. True beauty comes from within by addressing suppressed unhealthy emotions to enable the authentic self to shine. Completion of unfinished business, forgiveness, letting go of what can not be changed anymore, is our freedom pass towards our God given health.

In case you find yourself or a loved one faced with a severe illness, search for capacities in the medical field, be it conventional  and/or complimentary. Decide to be guided with what feels right for you in your heart and if you are unsure and want to try out something like chemotherapy then this is your choice. You also have the choice to change your treatment whenever you feel its the right thing to do, after consulting a qualified open minded doctor.

In whatever you choose please know that it is always important to have a voice in your own healing journey too, take part in it alongside a healthy portion of self-responsibility and find the root cause of your illness. Your body is crying out for you to address an issue and an illness is the perfect time for healing.

I wish you all the luck in the world on your path to a healthy body!

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  1. Amazing patrizia, you are an inspiration, your words speak the truth, your love & light is so bright & radiant, calling us back to whom we once were.

    I’m so grateful that i’ve come to know you & learnt so much from you.

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