Why unconditional selfless love is so important

Life on earth is not always easy, in fact, it is plastered with all sorts of painful experiences, ranging from feeling unwanted or unloved during childhood, being bullied at school, having the first heartbreak, discovering betrayal, being constantly criticised by people who – in fact – are supposed to love us, being conditioned by society that – unless we look or dress a certain way – there is no way anybody would love us for simply the way we are.

The results of such upbringings can lead us away from the most natural and powerful energy which is available to us, the energy of unconditional love, an energy which is the basic foundation of our creation in the first place.

It is through ‘love making’ (or call it LOVE ENERGY CREATION) that we create children together. Two people come together from unconditional love for each other to unite and …. create the most intense form of love energy, with or without the intent to receive a child afterwards.

Yet, if we have experienced moments of non-love or times where we did love with all our hearts but ended up being deeply hurt, pain takes over. That pain can be so strong that it literally feels unmanageable, making it often impossible to function and go about our daily lives. Fear replaces where previously there was none, spreading into many areas of our bodies and therefore lives. It is simply the result of the inability to cope with pain, nobody has taught us how to. Where there is no love, material values become important. We begin to believe that material gains and possessions, artificial looks and behaviours give us a replacement for true love. They become a control mechanism, which is much easier to master… so we believe.

The truth is; all of the material replacements of non-love are highly destructive. Often scars can be buried so deep that we don’t even realise how they are still affecting us today.

Addictions are another sign of a non loving relationship towards the self, life or people; signs of disconnections.

There are also many who use the word love as a pretence to work from that level of energy in order to control people around them. They will keep convincing themselves that they are working for the right reasons; after all they are the ultimate loving being. Instead, they are using this most precious energy of love too easily; to manipulate and blind, for their own specific needs. This in fact is not an all encompassing form of an unconditional free spirit love, but a controlled version of it.

It is down to the individual to show their desire, will and persistence to constantly remove any obstacles of non loving behaviours in respect to their fellow men and women, so that they wont ever be effected by past memories, which have left great damage.

The growth of my father’s malignant tumour was from a time when he was a little boy, witnessing physical abuse from his father towards his mother. It created a deep believe of fear inside his pancreas and moved him into a world where love could simply not be trusted. In fact, violence was a better way to gain control over love, it was the ‘right’ way to gain strength, also ensuring that one would never be controlled by the other gender or partner. Why would you use honour, respect and devotion? These can only make you fragile and vulnerable.

My grandparents themselves were brought up in that way, during a time where wars were the norm. A world full of destruction and devastation. That world then became the real world based on a belief system where unconditional love was a weakness. Control, shouting and abuse became the norm.

Every time we experience a negative emotion, our bodies react by releasing acidic fluids. We are alkaline beings and in order for our bodies to keep us alive, it has to send precious alkaline substances to balance out the acidic reaction. This is destructive to our cells, it can only therefore also be destructive to ourselves and inevitably to others. Let’s not forget that we are all connected, like the cells in our bodies.

There are many techniques and methods available today which give us a life transformational experience to work our way through these negative emotions so we can finally fall back into a wholeness and completeness of our own universal love. The astounding thing is that, when we do this and remove ourselves from an old consciousness of a non loving belief system, we raise within that very consciousness allowing us to more and more use love from the unconditional freedom it is supposed to be.

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To shut down to all those possibilities is not only destructive to the self but it will be destructive to the world around us.

My father was convinced throughout his entire life that he was indestructible and his way of treating his wife was justified. How this would effect us children or our future was not relevant at the time. Too many people are like this, they have turned away from all the true beauty life has to offer towards replacements which are of the material gain of the earth, selfishness rules! In that is no value or any purpose whatsoever. We all have a chance to deal with this build up fear of love now and do not have to wait until the end of a lifetime or a severe illness. What a waste that is of living a life full of beautiful possibilities and treasures.

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There is danger of becoming so used to non love, which can lead into depression, that it seems like a ‘good protective companion’. Embracing light and love is almost scary and too much to bare, it has become too unfamiliar. Those are lies of the mind and excuses of self denial. They can be eliminated, if only we desire so.

Know that it is never too late, we all have a choice of improvement now. We have to start with ourselves and adapt a healthy self loving relationship, a loving acceptance and appreciation of the original idea of the human race again. We cannot change the past hurts but transform them into something positive. We can teach others what we learnt from our traumas, betrayals and destructive behaviours for instance.

We have a purpose and that is certainly never a damaging one. We are loving beings who deep down wish to create more beauty, more health, more benefits.

What a better way to break an earthly system which has actually led us to loose faith in everything, wrapping us into even more darkness.

The dire consequences are the results of what we are experiencing today; our countries are run by leaders who come from the sole intent of material concepts made up of greed, reckless behaviour into war consciousness production in order to gain more and more material.

It is a mass falling away from our divine loving self, it is a falling into a neverending void.

The message from me to you is to use my father’s example to think about a life of love, about positive change, so we can start to manifest a fire of passion and compassion for one another.

No matter where you are in your life right now; keep the thought of love alive and it will become reality once again.

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