If all of us were firmly connected to our spirit love energy, allowing that to shine through our uniqueness, then from afar the total sum of all the auric human energy fields seen in unity would look like a vibrational kaleidoscope.

Within the wealth of the human consciousness we are all part of a variety of personality types, which bring to the table of life everything we need, to make it brilliantly colourful.

Some of us are here to uplift each other’s spirit with their energetic youthful attitude to life, then there are the leaders amongst us, teachers, helpers and carers, peacemakers, the trustworthy community builders, able to engage others, the expressive artists, the motivators, the visionaries and pioneers. It could not be more perfect in its combination of different personality types, holding the individual wisdom through the bond of consciousness, every one of us carries.

The great thing is that – as long as we believe in love and show a willingness to transform negative experiences into positive ones, we compliment each other with the characters of our personality types together with our experiences and wisdom from life lessons learnt. We are part of an ever evolving experience within all of life’s experience consciousness. As long as love flows, positive manifestations happen in the most effortless way we can possibly imagine.

Yet, if we block our ability to transform and hold onto a host of upsetting emotions and memories, we begin to exclude love; what does not contain love must contain ego. Ego comes from the ancient Greek meaning ‘I am’ or ‘I exist’; translated in relation to our human mind, it means awareness of the self. A low percentage of ego acts as a mediator between our conscious and subconscious mind, something we need to manoeuvre us through this physical life. In other words, a teacher of self awareness, showing us where issues need resolving to make improvements in our desire to return to the Oneness of love.

Some call it life intelligence, our own vessel consciousness, containing all of our experiences, lessons, personality types and own unresolved ego, with the willingness to learn from that. The knowledge combination of all of that is to master a human approach to others based on their level of understanding in order to form a non-conflict bond of human acceptance, with the absence of forceful mind control.

An overload of ego represents a total focus on the self without taking anybody else into consideration, with dire consequences; this is always destructive and can only be repaired when realisation hits the mind.

Us humans are originally created to care and act for the Greater Good of all, including the self. A drifting towards an ego self for ones sole gain purpose, where in the end competition and conflict become the norm, was never intended to happen. Deep down we really know that we are all connected and are here to live in harmony. Operating mainly from our true personality type make-up, as much as possible, makes us joint divine co-creators, dedicated to follow our inner heart calling, that knows how to manifest easily; with patience and perseverance and with the certainty that something good will come from our actions. Ego driven projects instead are control based, carried out under constant pressure of having to prove oneself, with the needy impatience of wanting to see quick profitable personal or/and material results. Patience becomes a missing attribute with the absence of love.

The strongest undealt emotions that lead to an ego focused self, are rage and terror. Those emotions are a build up of a sum total of many frustrating, powerless, sad moments, times when we felt rejected, unaccepted and used. We are not always aware of underlying rage or terror being present in our subconsciousness, especially if we belong to the more introvert types of people. The extroverts amongst us usually express these emotions more visibly, their presence is therefore more easily detectable.

In order to keep these kind of emotions under control, within the contingency of our lives, we build survival and unhealthy behavioural constructions around them, coupled with negative belief systems and vows, making us act not from our true personality type self anymore, but an artificial one. The development of this false identity, as many call it, progressively moves us into a false protective zone, leading to a disconnection of our real personality type identity.

One of the reasons we want to protect our true core with the ego from the hurt which was done to us previously, is a way to ensure it from never happening again. The risk we take if we don’t let go of an overload of our cells with the unwanted is an accumulation of more artificial replacements onto the self, dimming our natural attraction. This then leads to deep feelings of dissatisfaction and non-acceptance with the self and life, attracting more of what we actually want to avoid. The inner disharmony is acting like a magnet to the outside world to the point where we feel lost and disorientated. For some another reason to hold onto ego is a deep conviction to be superior above everybody else, a belief to be of a supremacy race, in a world of an obedient lower human race. This can stem from trauma, or this kind of belief system was simply there from the start.

An overload of ego and an accumulation of a false identity structure deprives us from energy and over the years, makes us feel heavy and tired. Compare it to carrying more and more clutter attached to you and then wondering why every step of the way it becomes harder and more exhausting to keep moving.

Our thoughts, which are constant energy waves transformed or translated from existing stored emotions within our cells based on the perception of our past memories, effect everything around us. They are a product of how we feel inside and create themselves from either our loved based or ego driven identity. We have to grasp the concept of the power our thoughts have in our world and how they manifest themselves. We can positively change our world by changing our thoughts. Whether we wish to address our thoughts first to change the way we feel or release the unpleasant emotions to lovingly alter our thoughts or do a combination of the two, depends on our individual choice. Negative thoughts create toxic acidic energy levels in our cells; keeping such thoughts alive is comparable to being on a slow suicide mission.

Imagine owning the most shiny vibrant faceted diamond and somebody trying to damage it. Naturally we would try to protect it and put it in a safe place, until the situation has cleared and the perpetrator has gone. During that time we are able to admire our diamond every now and then, to then place it back in its safety comfort zone. Eventually, when the air is clear, we can polish and restore the damage, find the best spot for it so it can shine away, even brighter than before. Our appreciation of the value of our precious diamond should grow even more after the trouble we had.

Now imagine if we decided to keep that diamond locked in that safe comfort zone forever, pushing it more and more into the background with layers of possessions in front of it, to the point where we forget the diamond ever existed in the first place. We never bother to take it back out anymore because of an old fear that the past experience could repeat itself, although we know that this can never happen again; we also won’t allow anybody to come near our diamond, to avoid exposure to similar damage again. Keeping it locked means a disadvantage in every way; its natural shine would eventually be completely secluded within the confines of old walls we built to protect from the harm of long gone perpetrators. Instead of learning the lesson, taking the armor and walls down to polish the diamond and give it a brand new shine, we keep it hidden away and are then forced to install artificial lights, trying to replace its natural pure faceted light reflections to somehow give it some kind of radiance. Yet, artificial light only shines when we switch it on, the light bulb can break, artificial light only covers a limited area.

The beautiful rays of a naturally shining diamond are like the sun; its radiance is capable to travel for great distances, reigniting/rejuvenating anything that is allowing it in. Hesitant resistance can eventually break open by gradually getting accustomed to the warmth of light. Anything that cannot withstand that glowing power, will dissolve in the loss of its controlling power.

Another reason why we also construct protective armors around the building blocks of our dormant rage or terror is to protect others from getting harmed by it, in case we loose control over ourselves when these emotions are triggered. Unless we tackle what has become the foundation of a false identity, more of the unhealthy construction will be added to its scaffold, blocking out our light, to the point where we become so used to it that we loose track of who we really are and then end up believing that the false identity is really us.

All of us are perfect within our imperfections. The lessons we learn are obstacles dressed up as blessings in disguise as we travel along our soul journey. The stopping stations on our road have most likely been there before and will keep reappearing until we have mastered another lesson on our growth in an ever evolving source of high consciousness. Our destiny is not to keep repeating the same old lessons to keep making the same mistakes in denial of its teachings, but instead to master them. This is what ‘perfect within our imperfections’ means. Love as our driving force will show us the way, ego shows us where improvements can be made from old outworn comfort zone habitual behaviours, keeping us stuck. It will make us fall again and again, until we finally are able to decide from the choice of our free will to follow and trust our light again.

We can have a combination of different personality types. In total there are 9, we usually have 2 major ones forming our own unique one, which is then based on our experiences alongside with the life wisdom we possess.

Here are some brief examples of how we can completely turn into the opposite of who we really are, if issues are left unaddressed!

For instance the personality type of a healthy teacher is that of fairness and ethics, with an understanding of a higher purpose, They are natural perfectionists, a true inspiration for humanity with a desire to bring the truth across by bringing out the truth in others. When in a false protective unhealthy state of ego, those truth seekers become rigid and judgmental perfectionists, needing to be always right, at all cost. Their strongest fears of humiliation and condemnation are now controlling them.

The leader personality type in his healthy state is incredibly charismatic, magnanimous, strong and able to stand up for what their higher visions are, able to self surrender to a higher authority. They are the historic game changers, leaving heroic remarkable positive shifts behind in a world stuck in old habits. In an unhealthy state they become dangerous risk takers, wheeler dealers with a need to dominate to the point of becoming criminals. Their strongest fear of showing weakness is now controlling them, making them and everybody else believe they always have to be at war.

The peacemaker in a healthy state radiates deep inner peace and serenity, they are the mediators amongst us, creating harmony and a flow in communication, able to connect on a deep spiritual level. In a suppressive angry state they act out their anger in a passive aggressive way as they are desperately trying to hold onto their natural state of serenity. In their dissociation to conflict, their anger expresses itself in a hidden undetectable manor to the point where it is incredibly difficult to see through the destructive actions of their ego; they usually have no idea of the damage they are causing and totally oblivious in their constant denial of admitting to the unpleasant realities of life. Their biggest fear therefore is confrontation and rage. In their denial, they passively act exactly that out what they fear the most, then look at the damage, without taking any responsibility.

The Helper in a healthy state is the most compassionate, kindest empathetic and passionate personality type one can find, able to see good in others, trying to bring the best out in everybody. Nurturing and giving in every way. In an unhealthy state those devoted to service become ‘people-pleaser’, using the word love to control and manipulate others, instead of allowing it to flow naturally in its original state of oneness with themselves. Their suppressed aggression results in criticising others to make them look inferior. Their biggest fear is to care for their own needs as they need to feel needed by over-helping everybody around them. Helping others then becomes an unhealthy drive to boost the self for the service given.

The enthusiast in a healthy state is full of the joy and fun for life, imaginative, spontaneous, light-hearted, curious, generous, multitalented, easily accomplished achievers. In an unhealthy state they need constant stimuli, are hyperactive, totally self-centered to the point of narcissism, frantic, unreliable and self destructive. They need more and more distraction to avoid facing their terror, pain and fears, becoming highly abusive on their ego trip to get what it is they want.

These are just some examples to demonstrate how much a healthy personality type can mutate into the complete opposite of the self. Understanding this part of our spirit personality self altered into the ego mind control body, gives us hope that much can be done for humanity to transform, just like butterflies do. Every one of us has the choice to stop procrastination and start the compassionate internal balancing act of negative cleansing now. The more we know about us, who we are and how our minds function, the more can be done to remove who we are not! Lessons learnt will expand our knowledge, raise our emotional intelligence regarding life and us. Our character becomes ever more faceted and by doing so we become the best version of ourselves, with all our little imperfections. This makes us so unique, part of live’s endless varieties.

Not everybody is ready to open up to love and detect their own ego behaviour. Somehow we have to be able to handle those eager to cling onto their ego, with hopefully the least possible conflict or harm to ourselves.

The more people that are operating from their ego selves, the harder, more dense and complicated life becomes, as actions are mainly taken from ego patterns, leading to an accumulation of frustration and feelings of pointlessness, in which we see no purpose. Our goal can be to constantly clear our minds from the hateful thoughts and intents, angry outbreaks or a chronic state of anxiety. Behind those walls we will always find that the long lost forgotten diamond was never gone, it just had to be unburied and brought back to light.

The light of love is infinitely patient and knows that the actions born from pure intent will always lead to something beneficial for everybody, without any harm. Those who need to find their own shadow can do so to then decide to flood that part with love too. It will happen in their own time, without us allowing them to be a hindrance  on our path.

Being anchored in pure self-love and the original idea of humanity does not mean that we can not speak up in truth or react in a revolutionary style when witnessing injustice to our fellow brothers and sisters. Love protects us and gives us a sensory gut feeling of threat or fear in times of danger or an unsafe situation. It gives us the strength to express empathy or deep sadness when going through bereavement or hurt.

The reactions we get when anchored in the power of love are different to those stuck in egotistic anti-humanitarian hatred.

It is the holding onto the belief that – in order to be protected and super powerful we have to stick to chronic anger, hate and abuse from a fear of never being recognised otherwise. These are toxic ego separation wall constructions.

Also know that spirit can only really deeply connect with us when we send love to our spirit guides and angels. It is obvious; our spirit connection is like inviting our best friends back into our home, so we join and cooperate together. Our love towards our spirit acts like a light gateway for spirit guides to access the denser planes in their desire to assist us, without influencing the decision making of our free will. As we allow our cells to transform in dropping love blocking barriers, many doors will open, our manifestation work with spirit will take on new dimensions and be done more swiftly and effortlessly around our world. When we lay our armors down, peace begins to stream through the gaps of our rigid mind sets, this is when the war zones of our world will cease to exist.

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